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Yes, we know how math works but what we mean is that there is power in numbers. Whether it's through collaborating, exchanging help, resources or anything else, life's always more interesting when shared!

Our origin story

Jerry Neo
Co-founder, Business

The fastest idea-randomizer with the thickest skin in the lot. He has a habit of leaping than looking which paired with a feisty attitude often takes us to excitingly dangerous places we might or might not have hoped for.

Cheryl Low Rui Min
Cheryl Low
Co-founder, Design

Cheryl is the eagle-eyed mother hen with an unfathomable love for ducks. Between constant all-nighters and member-counselling sessions/ dessert treats, it’s such a mystery how she manages to do it all at once!

Princeton Poh Jin Heng
Princeton Poh
Co-founder, Tech

The down-to-earth builder who makes our dreams a reality. Though he may be at the forefront of the tech world, he's also the kind of guy who refuses to pay for Spotify premium. (and no, despite the name, there is no affiliation to the university) 

Scratchbac was started during the 2020 circuit breaker period by 5 unlikely friends who witnessed the challenges that COVID-19 brought to the community. Feeling isolated while stuck at home, they decided that more needs to be done to get neighbours interacting with one another.

Co-founder, Backend

The once in a century golden-child the heavens bestow upon the world of coding. A man as mysterious as his photo - be prepared for his frequent philosophical soliloquies that will often leave you with more questions than answers.

Ryan Yip
Ryan Yip
Co-founder, Frontend & Data

The ever reliable brains of the team, Ryan is the man with the plan who is up for any challenge. As loud as his keyboard switches may be - the constant clicks are certainly an assurance that he's always gonna get the job done.