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Say hi to our very own co-writing AI, ScoopAI. Powered by posts from our Scratchbac community, it takes our users' hyperlocal content, collates and chooses the latest and greatest posts to write our hyperlocal news articles, also known as 'Scoops'!

Want to know how it works? Learn more below.

Interested in ScoopAI and want to contribute to upcoming Scoops?

Look no further! Here's how you can contribute to the Scoops database! By simply posting on Scratchbac (especially with hyperlocal information!), your post could be selected by ScoopAI, as long as it is relevant to the Scoop topic!

Not sure exactly what to post or how to make a good post? Check out 'A Guide to Posting on Scratchbac' to learn more about what makes an amazing Scratchbac post, which increases your chance of being features in future Scoops!

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