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1. What is the Eco-Mystery Hunt 2023?

The Eco-Mystery Hunt 2023 is Singapore’s first island-wide treasure hunt that takes you through the city to discover environmentally sustainable initiatives while winning goodies and prizes along the way.

2. When is the Eco-Mystery Hunt happening?

The hunt starts when the first clue drops on the 1st of May 2023. Subsequent clues will drop daily until the Green Key is found! The hunt will end when the Green Key is found and the first 50 hunters have completed all SUPERCLUE stations.

3. Who is organising the Eco-Mystery Hunt?

Scratchbac is the main organiser of the Eco-Mystery 23: SUS-SUS Hunt. We are a hyperlocal platform that aims to help you make friends and to create a sense of belonging to your area.

4. What kind of prizes can we win?

The grand prize features a 25K Regenerative experience to Mongolia OR 10K in cash. Be the first 50 to complete all of the SUPERCLUE Stations to be invited to the After Hunt Party where you can mingle with key sustainability partners from the Public, Private and Nonprofit sectors.

Attend the After Hunt Party and gain access to other prizes like a Vietnam Travel Experience worth $400, Bioreactor Workshops worth $800, Composting and Gardening workshops with a free composting kit worth $150 and more! You can learn more here.

5. Why are there two grand prizes and why can we only choose one?

It is for you to make a decision between what is most important to you as of this moment. The Green Key Winner will make their decision at the After Hunt Party, so be prepared!

6. What is the purpose of the Eco-Mystery Hunt?

The Eco-Mystery Hunt aims at highlighting sustainability efforts of partner organisations and to bring awareness to the five key pillars of the Singapore Green Plan.

Eco-Mystery MediaKit.png

7. Who can participate in the Eco-Mystery hunt?

Anyone can participate in the Eco-Mystery Hunt as long as you have a device connected to the internet.

8. Why do we have to use the Scratchbac app?

Scratchbac is a location-based platform that aims to help you foster a sense of belonging wherever you go. Through the Eco-Mystery Hunt you will be able to learn more about existing sustainable efforts by organisations all around Singapore making use Scratchbac App’s location-based features.

9. Who can I play the hunt with?

There will only be one GRAND winner, but you’re more than welcome to work with other hunters to get closer to the Green Key! We even created a Telegram group for you to get to know other hunters, join here!

10. What is this After Hunt Party? Can I go?

The first 50 hunters to complete all 6 SUPERCLUE stations and submit the form will be invited to attend the After Hunt Party!

At the After Hunt Party you’ll be able to win even more prizes like a Vietnam Travel Experience worth $400, Bioreactor Workshops worth $800, Composting and Gardening workshops with a free composting kit worth $150 and more!

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11. How do I play the Eco-Mystery Hunt?

Start by downloading the Scratchbac app and keeping watch of our socials: @scratchbac on TikTok and @scratchbac_sg on Instagram.

Open the app daily to look at clues, narrow down the locations for your hunt, go the extra mile for SUPERCLUES (when available), and go hunt physically for the Green Key.

12. Where do I go to start the hunt?

Before 1st May 2023, you can prepare by downloading the Scratchbac app and allying @ecomystery23! Once the hunt starts on 1st May 2023, you can find your daily clues on the Scratchbac platform!

13. What are SUPERCLUES?

SUPERCLUES are clues that will help you pinpoint the exact location of where the Green Key is hidden at.

14. What does the Green Key look like?

Just as the name implies, a Green Key.
(Don't worry we'll drop pics closer to date!)

15. Where can I find the clues?

The clues can be found daily on the Scratchbac App, starting 1st May 2023. They can be found in the 'Around Me' tab of the app as a banner.

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Use the clues to guess the location of the green key.
Catch the daily clue drops on Scratchbac App.
Clues will be released each day starting from 1 May 2023.
You can get notified and access these clues using the Scratchbac App. Download now!
Save the clue & make your guess.
Tip: Make sure to save your clues so you can piece everything together at the end!
Don’t miss out on the goodies too!
Use the Scratchbac App to access clues & learn about our partner's sustainable initiatives and redeem your vouchers.
Take part in activities at our physical stations to secure SUPERCLUES!
Superclues are more specific clues that will bring you closer to the green key.
These are stations island-wide where you can do simple activities in exchange for SUPERCLUES.
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Chat with other hunters and make new friends!
Join now!

photo_2023-04-10 12.48.45.jpeg

Ready to hunt?
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