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6 Lepak Spots in Chinatown

Updated: Aug 25

Unleash your inner lepak-er in Chinatown: rooftops, park serenity, and a cat-filled surprise! Get ready to chill!


Craving some chill vibes in Chinatown without breaking the bank? Get ready to lepak in style as we bring you the lowdown on six epic spots that'll have you feeling #blessed.

The Pinnacle@Duxton Skybridge

Cantonment Rd, #1G, Singapore 085301

Opens: Mon - Sun 9:00am - 9:00pm | Entry is subject to quota of 150 visitors a day

Starting with the most expensive of our list, we have The Pinnacle@Duxton’s skybridge which offers spectacular views of Chinatown from 50 storeys high up. The $6 entry fee might put you off but @jeajeajea assures us saying, “$6 for the view is not bad. Quite worth to see at least once” @monklun2003 and 2 others agreed with that sentiment too!

Here's the deets: cash is the name of the game at the guard house, but don't forget to register your ez-link transit card for entry. @jeajeajea got your back with that handy tip! If you're not a fan of the scorching sun, @jeajeajea recommends visiting in the evening for a cooler experience.

Fair warning, folks, the entry situation can be a bit tricky after sunset. @gerlehdees said, “wah I came all the way here for the skybridge but nobody at the management office 😢, but @kermit uncovers the truth - @gerlehdees went after closing hours, 9.30 PM. Mistakes were made!

Duxton Plain Park

New Bridge Rd, Singapore 089140

For those of you who'd rather stay grounded, fear not, because there's something special at ground level too! Duxton Plain Park may not be the go-to spot for endurance runs due to its compact size, but it's a prime and spacious enough spot for lovebirds to pour their hearts out on the cozy benches, basking in the dim, romantic glow of street lamps. As @jeajeajea cheekily observed, "alw got a lot of couples 👀"!

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Chin Swee Road &, Pearl's Hill Rd, Singapore 169879

Now, let's venture to Pearl's Hill City Park - an enchanting oasis hidden amidst the bustling streets of Chinatown atop Pearl's Hill. Make your way up to the summit and discover a serene pond with cozy seats around it. And hey, if you're lucky, you might just spot some terrapins swimming in milo, according to @x3rai.

But hold on tight as you trek, folks! @gerlehdees had an unexpected encounter with a huuuuge spider and its web - AAAAAHHHHHH 🕸️🕷️! Can you hear the collective screams from @kermit and @callmegood? They chimed in with a resounding, "AAAAAAAHHH," but @kermit had a rather sophisticated take, adding, "...tbh, the mosquitos are scarier there..."

Now, @kennedy brought the expert knowledge, identifying the formidable creature as an Argipe aurantia spider, "NEVER SEEN it this big before." Who knew we were in the presence of such a majestic arachnid?

So, with mosquito repellent packed and your bravest friends by your side, it's time to embark on a thrilling visit to meet the friendly (and not-so-friendly) residents of Pearl's Hill City Park!

Guoco Tower Rooftop Garden

1 Wallich St, Singapore 078881 L2, enter via staircase next to Toast Box, #01-14

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of the city center, Guoco Tower's almost rooftop garden is a hidden gem for those seeking a tranquil escape.

Guoco Tower Rooftop Garden
Photo by @weiweihao

@weiweihao uncovered this quiet spot, sharing, "Quite a nice place I found, not a lot of people also. This is Guoco Tower’s Rooftop garden that is not really a rooftop (level 2) 🤡 half sheltered and half not ah it seems". If you’re looking for a unique half-sunny and half-shaded oasis, here’s your spot!

Guoco Tower Urban Park Level 1

1 Wallich St, Singapore 078881

Hey, no worries if stairs aren't your thing! Down at the level 1 outdoor area between Guoco Tower and International Plaza, you'll find the perfect spot to kick back and relax. Take a load off on the chairs and tables conveniently placed there, so you can unwind without the hassle of climbing.

Guoco Tower Urban Park Level 1
Photo by @janissa
Guoco Tower Urban Park Level 1
Photo by @janissa

@janissa’s got your back, sharing a savvy secret - seats are aplenty during the after-work hours. So, when you're in the mood for a chill hangout without the stair-master workout, this outdoor oasis is your go-to spot.

Scratchbac Office

Drop us a message before coming down! :)

Now here’s a really good one - our very own Scratchbac office! Find us along the colourful Keong Saik Street at unit 45B.

Look out for the one and only orange-red shophouse, and you'll spot our signature hand logo waving at you from level 3 - that's where the magic happens!

Step into our cozy office, and you'll be greeted by three purrfectly adorable resident cats, each with their own wildly different personalities. @gohzilla even played hero, preventing a cat-napping crime (by herself) - talk about feline adventures! Drop by and let your heart melt as you fall head over heels for our furry team members, just like @gohzilla, @pancakejun and @junnk did.

But fret not if cats aren't your thing - we've got lovely humans too! Swing by for a coffee chat and mingle with our team, just like @mfarhanismail did. He couldn't help but gush over meeting our best admin 🤪 Gladys and getting a sneak peek of the Scratchbac office. Oh, and did we mention the office cat gets a fair share of love too? 😍 🤣 🐈 @xavsharky cleverly remarks, “SB office is like cat cafe, got cat got coffee lol..

So, whether you're a cat enthusiast or simply craving a good ol' coffee chat, our Scratchbac office is the place to be! See you there for a purr-fectly wonderful time!

And there you have it, folks - a paw-sitively delightful adventure through some of the most lepak spots in Chinatown! From rooftop gardens to cozy cafes, this charming neighborhood offers a myriad of chill havens for everyone to enjoy. So, gather your friends, grab your snacks, and embark on your own lepak escapades. Whether you're soaking in the views from a sky-high bridge or snuggling up with furry feline friends, Chinatown's got it all!

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