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A Scratchbacer shares some homemade bread

Scratchbac Mission 4 - Free homemade sourdough tasting!

Marketing is hard work D:

After a tiring morning of advertising and running around the neighbourhood to promote Scratchbac, we decide to shamelessly jump on an offer made by a Scratchbac home baker! He's a sourdough enthusiast who's been baking more than he could eat and we gladly volunteered to help clear his stash!

Learning about the art of sourdough With so much excess from his baking trial and errors, this user decided that it would be nice to share it with neighbours staying near him. Being broke uni kids, we definitely were drawn by the promise of free food, we surely walked away with a greater understanding about bread making and complexities of sourdough.

Do watch the vlog to learn a very INTERESTING story about sourdough baking :P

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