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Adventures in CBD’s Adult Toy Shops

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Enter the most judgement free place right here in town.

"Challenge accepted!" declared @janissa, their adventurous spirit undaunted by the uncharted territory that lay ahead. With a mischievous twinkle in their eye, they set out on a daring escapade to explore the Sex Toy Shops in the CBD of Singapore.

Don Don Donki @ 100 AM

100 Tras Street 100AM, #02 01- 05/22-26, #03 01-05/09-23, 079027

Opens Monday to Sunday 9:00am – 11:00pm

Ah, discretion — a word seemingly forgotten within these vibrant walls of Don Don Donki @ 100 AM. If one seeks the shadows to explore their curiosities, perhaps a detour is in order. But hey, if you seek accessibility and convenience, Don Don Donki may be a great shopping spot for you!

Located on Level 2 of 100 AM, you can find the Adult Toy Section in Don Don Donki at a corner. As @janissa ventured forth, they observed that The variety is also low. I am not sure what toys are in the market tbh 😅 what I observed is that DDDK mostly carries lubes, this egg and vacuum cup thing only.

However, @janissa also noted the potential for pleasure without breaking the bank, as prices seem cheaper than my other finds tho. The eggs seem to even come in value packs! 😂 Quality remains an enigma, as @janissa masterfully avoided conducting on-the-spot field tests. 🙏🏻

Hedonist Sex Toys

100 Peck Seah St, #10-17, Singapore 079333

Opens 24 hours, available online. (

Embarking on the next leg of the adventure, @janissa found themselves at Hedonist Sex Toys, a destination that took them a while to locate. According to @janissa, it is in the same building as Oasia Hotel, but the office side. Anyways, the entrance would be on your left if you are facing the temple opposite.

What seemed like a retail space on Google Maps turned out to be more of an office for online purchase pickups and events. You can contact them to check and double-confirm though! Anyway, @janissa did what they had to do — go on a digital expedition.

Diving into the digital realm of Hedonist's website, @janissa was met with a vibrant showcase of products. The sleek product photos hinted at quality, while the prices prompted some thoughtful consideration. Positive reviews from previous patrons further seemed to give a nod of approval.

What stood out even more than the array of products was Hedonist's refreshing approach — embracing self-love, pleasure, and well-being with an empowering stance. This departure from the norm was a welcome surprise, shedding any taboo and fostering a more open and positive perspective on sexual pleasure.

Casanova Adult Sex Toys Store Singapore

84 Pagoda St, Singapore 059243

Opens: Monday - Sunday 11:00am – 10:00pm

Concluding their tour of CBD's adult emporiums, @janissa arrived at Casanova Adult Sex Toys Store Singapore. Tucked along the bustling street near Chinatown MRT Exit A, the store's neon signboards and an eye-catching display at the entrance provided a preview of what lay inside.

Unlike their previous stops, Casanova boasted the presence of retail staff, though the enthusiasm fell a tad short of what @janissa expected as the staff was not really friendly and welcoming 😂👀 I lowkey felt like I was sinning just by being there LOL”.

Stepping into Casanova, an array of playful offerings greeted them, from games and costumes to the main event, adult toys. However, the veil of mystery remained as photography within the store was strictly off-limits, leaving @janissa to wonder about the rationale behind this particular restriction.

Display Shelf outside of Casanova Adult Sex Toys Store Singapore
Photo by @janissa

Exploring the store's offerings, a subtle theme emerged: a clear catering to a more masculine audience, both in product selection and packaging aesthetics. The absence of price tags on some items definitely added an extra layer of intrigue (or exasperation). User Hoi Hi added perspective on the store by saying, “Cool and unique items, but the staff were very very pushy, it felt like they were following me around and they kept asking ‘can I help you?’ ‘can I help you?’ Blablabla. I would still recommend you to go because they have cool stuff.”

Display Shelf outside of Casanova Adult Sex Toys Store Singapore
Photo by @janissa

At the end of the Casanova tour, @janissa expressed their discomfort at the store. They felt that the vibes were not it, it felt like sexual pleasure was portrayed as dirty and illegal. A subtle stigma seemed to cast a shadow over the realm of sexual pleasure, lending an unintended dose of seriousness to the adventure.

As the sun set on this daring escapade through CBD's Adult Toy Shops, @janissa emerged with a blend of intrigue and thoughtful insights. Their adventure transcended taboos, offering a glimpse into a world where self-love and pleasure are celebrated and debunking stereotypes one quirky encounter at a time.

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