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An Honest Review of Pearl's Hill City Park

Updated: Aug 22

An honest account: A disappointing review of Pearl's Hill City Park. Uncover the shortcomings and drawbacks that mar the charm of this once-promising destination.


Pearl's Hill City Park is located at Chin Swee Road &, Pearl's Hill Rd, 169879

In the bustling metropolis, nestled amidst the concrete jungle, lies a hidden gem-or-not that has been a favourite haunt for thrill-seekers: Pearl's Hill City Park. This urban oasis offers a unique blend of eerie nighttime escapades, scenic vistas, and unexpected encounters that have left young locals both bewildered and entertained.

Night Adventures and Ghostly Vibes

Venturing into the unknown, @janissa stumbled upon a rather unexpected scene at the hill's peak - not a spooky ghost in sight, but a lively gathering of people enjoying their drinks under the stars. Who knew that the park's eerie aura would transform into a hip hangout spot after sundown?

Construction Wonders and Climbing Conundrums

While the night brought mystery and merriment, @janissa couldn't help but notice the view from the top. She remarked, "the view here is just construction from the new condo (?) I wonder why would anyone buy it though cause they need climb up and down every day omg…"

Indeed, the panoramic vista revealed a sea of construction sites, leaving us to wonder who would willingly sign up for a daily stair-climbing workout just to reach their condo. But hey, maybe they're just fitness enthusiasts in disguise!

Peaceful Days and Mosquito Menace

@x3rai, another adventurous soul, shared insights into the park's daytime charm. "There's a lot of steps climbing up Pearl’s Hill City Park. Nothing much to do at the top but the reservoir structures are quite interesting. A lot of mosquitoes here at Pearl's Hill City Park! but the view of the city skyline at the top is interesting."

Climbing those stairs may not be the easiest feat, but the stunning reservoir structures add an element of architectural intrigue. However, with an abundance of mosquitoes lurking around, it's a true test of one's wits to enjoy the scenery without getting nibbled on!

The Field of Dreams and Sprained Ankles

The lush green expanse of the field near Pearls Hill Terrace is a sports enthusiast's paradise. @pogstal enthusiastically exclaimed, "this field… EVERY THURSDAY sports day this is the field! The field beside Pearls Hill Terrace is perfect for soccer and frisbee! Very big and spacious. TBH I wonder if people might just have picnics here one day. The field is not THAT BAD bc trust me… I had my fair share of ankle sprain on bad fields but picnic when the weather is not this sunny… doesn't seem bad lah."

With the field playing host to weekly sports gatherings, it's a vibrant scene filled with athletic prowess and camaraderie. While the risk of a sprained ankle might seem daunting, the idea of peaceful picnics on less scorching days makes it all worthwhile!

Terrapins in Milo and the Ulu Staircase Challenge

In a quirky twist, @x3rai shared an offbeat encounter, "Went to Pearl’s Hill City Park to watch some terrapins swim around in milo. Also if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try climbing the more ulu staircase near the field, bad idea really. It’s feels like climbing Mount Everest but within 30s." @harrlem had an interesting thought: "This is teh c siew dai."

Who would have thought that terrapins could be fans of milo too? But beware, brave souls, for the ulu staircase near the field may seem like a quick ascent, but it's more like a flash expedition up Mount Everest! Make sure you're prepared for the climb 🧗

Pearl's Hill City Park is not your average urban park. With its mix of eerie charm, quirky encounters, and adrenaline-pumping climbs, it's no wonder that adventurers flock to this delightful spot. So, if you're seeking a thrilling, mosquito-ridden night out or a quirky daytime escapade, venture into the heart of the city and explore the whimsical wonders of Pearl's Hill City Park!

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