Building for Safety & Security

As a peer to peer platform centred on proximity, safety and security are some of our top priorities. In fact, that was one of the biggest problems our initial Telegram bot faced. Things like fake profiles, privacy settings and reporting features were all difficult problems to overcome due to the technical limitations posed by the Telegram Bot development framework.

This is especially why we are personally so excited for our upcoming app launch as it unlocks whole new sets of features that allow us to put the safety and security of our users that the core of what we build.


  • Verified accounts

Every single user that joins our app is tied to a real phone number that is verified via text message. Though this information is kept private to you in the app, should the need arise, every user can still be tied back to the real person behind the screen.

  • User reporting

Similar to most platforms with user-generated content, Scratchbac will have a robust reporting system that lets users instantly flag up concerning content to the admin's attention for intervention where necessary. This is already in addition to our own backend automated and manual screening processes that ensure the users on Scratchbac are adhering to the community guidelines.

  • Safety sharing and reminders

Of course what we want to encourage on Scratchbac are meaningful connections, within reach. This sometimes involves meeting each other in real life and for that, we have inbuild features such as real-time location sharing, emergency contacts and reminders to only meet in public spaces.


  • Privacy settings

No other users can direct message you unless both of you are connected (& consent). Non-connected users can only comment publically on your posts. This way you are always in control of who can interact with you on Scratchbac.

  • Exact location

Though we are a proximity-based platform, your location data never leaves your phone. We obscure your position in Geo-hashed data that represents an area instead of a specific point. In other words, your location can never be tracked on Scratchbac while still enjoying the proximity services!

  • Direct channel to the SB team

Just like the admin account we had on Telegram, users will have a way to contact a member of our team whenever needed. Be it for emergency help, technical difficulties or just any feedback you wish to give, there will always be a direct channel to put you in contact with us.

These are just the beginning of the many safety and security-based features that we will have in our app. After all, we are here to serve you guys - our users, and we want you to experience the fun of Scratchbac without worry. Want to be one of the first to use the app? Click here to get notified the moment we launch!


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