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Donating a Cat Carrier

Scratchbac Mission 3 - Donating a Cat Carrier

Meow Meow

The Scratchbac team consist of mostly cat lovers and when we saw the request made by Catty Chats we knew we had to jump in!

Catty Chats Catty Chats is a cat rescue group. They have more than 11 years of experience feeding and rescuing our neighbourhood cats. Catty Chats reached out to the neighbourhood to ask for the donation of a hard cat carrier (>32cm) with locking mechanism. They are on a cat rescue mission and of course, we have to jump in to help.

The right man for the job One of our co-founder, Jerry, is a cat slave and happen to have a cat carrier at home. it as slight banged up but this definitely gave him the motivation to fix it up before sending it over for their cat mission. After all, Scratchbac is about sharing resources with the people (Cats too!) around us.

Side note: Maybe we should name our posts “Scratching Posts”. Pun intended. (Ew no jerry) Check out CattyChatssg Group too!!!

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