Feb updates! Launch? Merch? Hiring?

1. Official app launch is scheduled for 28th Feb

That's right! Our Scratchbac App will be publicly available for download and use (in Singapore) next Monday. It will be available on both the play store and apple app store. We're so excited about this milestone and hope that you will support us in downloading and sharing the app with your family and friends.

2. The Kickstarter rewards are almost ready to go out!

We've been working hard on getting all the SB merch in so that we can get them to you all ASAP. So far the caps, bucket hats and stickers have arrived and we have to say they are looking ~fly.

As modelled by our handsome developers Princeton and Bala - both single and available if anyone is interested ;D

3. We're hiring!

Thanks to the funds raised through Kickstarter and investors, we can finally expand our team and supercharge our progress! If you share our passion for building a friendlier world where help is always just around the corner - check out our careers page. (https://www.scratchbac.com/careers)


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