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Gold Laying Hen. Hell’s Kitchen. HOME, WORK & LIVE -Life@SB Weekly

1. Taking care of the hen that lays our golden eggs

It's well known that exercise boosts the production of feel-good endorphins in our brains. It improves memory, learning, sleep, and concentration and boosts energy levels. Not to mention an active lifestyle goes a long way to keep us healthy.

As such, this week, we started our weekly Monday runs from our office in Keong Saik, around Marina Bay and back. A Whopping 7km. The last time I ran more than 5km was at least 5 years ago, and for some of our interns, this is their first time running more than 5km in their lives. Good thing we have our resident runner @rais to pace, motivate and keep us moving🙂

2. Hell's Kitchen-themed Team Bonding @CAVO

We also went to CAVO for a Hell's Kitchen-themed HIIT team bonding session. At the session, we were split up into 2 teams and pitted against one another at "dinner service" by dishing out meals (a combination of exercises). Each team had to communicate and allocate ingredients (exercises) that were "doable" for each member and complete the dinner service as fast as possible. It was a fun and exhausting experience suitable for people of any fitness level. Kudos to JC for developing such an interesting concept for HIIT and team bonding.

Ended the day with a good meal at Tiong Baru Bakuteh:)

3. Update 1.2.11: Post to HOME, WORK & LIVE.

It is not all play and no work in Scratchbac. We have a new update this week, and you can now post to your HOME, WORK and LIVE locations. Our Bot users would be familiar with this feature. #throwback

That's all for this week. See you next week.





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