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Helping out Auntie Joyce with a light fixture

Scratchbac Mission 1 - The team managed to get connected with Auntie Joyce through Scratchbac!

How many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Back when we just got out of circuit breaker, we happened to notice a post from a lovely aunty who needed help changing a light bulb. Since we have backgrounds in engineering, we ~CONFIDENT~ that we could handle this and so jumped on the opportunity and offered our help. Watch our vlog from that adventure to see how we did!! Oversupply of helpful neighbours!

Side note it was awesome to find out from her that apart from us, 4 other neighbours jump in to offer their help seconds after she posted her request on the platform! Luckily we were the fastest to do so and got to have a good chat with her during the visit too.

But nonetheless, we re super touched by the innate compassion of Singaporeans who are very willing to help. After all, everyone can contribute in our own small ways to help out one another - after all helping an elderly to change a lightbulb really is something many of us could handle! We really hopes that Scratchbac can continue to make it easy for our neighbourhood to connect, help and care.

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