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Happy CNY! New Scratchbac is now LIVE!

Another amazing clutch by Team Scratchbac to release our newest update right before CNY, 7 days before our planned deadline! Update or install the Scratchbac App to get a sense of hyperlocal belonging with +Ally & Around Me!

Super proud of our team

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we adopted a new quality assurance process into our development sprint. With this new process, we were finally able to release this update without bugs, without delays. Although this might not seem like anything significant, it is definitely a win for us. In a startup, every little win counts, especially when it comes to mindsets. With this small win, we were able to prove to ourselves that, we can do it. We were able to self-diagnose, problem-solve, implement solutions and most importantly, grow and evolve.

New year vision!

The start of the new year is also when many of us set new personal goals and aspirations. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to update our vision and mission to better articulate the nuances of what we are trying to achieve to our users and stakeholders.

We thought really hard about the problems that Scratchbac is trying to solve; the problems of modern societies. Why do people not feel a sense of attachment to the places they live in? Why do we not know the people in our communities? We thought really hard and boiled it down to simply the lack of human interactions.

In the past, people living in the same town grew up together, went to the same school, worked in the same fields(literal fields), and businesses were owned by real people in the community. People spend a lot of time with their communities, and everybody knows everybody. Today, our home is just a place we go back to sleep. We don't buy from local businesses, we don't work with people in the community, and we don't even know who's our neighbours.

So here’s what we hope to achieve:

Vision: People use Scratchbac to get in touch with their locality and to feel a sense of hyperlocal belonging


  • To help people build hyperlocal relationships (Make friends)

  • To increase participation in community activities & create shared memories

  • To promote community-owned-financially-viable projects

Alright, that's all for today. Big Huats to all & don't forget to try the new Scratchbac App 1.2.10!

Happy CNY!




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