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Hawker Center Rumble at Chinatown

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Find out exactly which hawker center in Chinatown is worth making a trip down to with this epic rumble!


Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre - The Cendol Smackdown!

Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre - 46 Smith St, Singapore 058956. Opens: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 9:00pm.

As @nasha took a tentative spoonful of cendol, she exclaimed, "(Old amoi cendol at Chinatown complex) Quite nice, but at the end taste abit too sweet." But @x3rai, never one to shy away from a taste-off, rebutted, "The Cendol sold here is good and just nice in terms of sweetness. He claims that the price point here is alright too at $2.50 per bowl of Cendol." Oh, the sweet dilemma of cendol! @nasha and @x3rai transformed into cendol connoisseurs, battling it out for the perfect blend of flavors, leaving spectators undecided on which cendol to indulge in.

Amoy Street Food Center - Butterlicious Indulgence!

Amoy Street Food Centre - 7 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069111

Opens: Mon - Sun 6:30am - 9:00pm.

@kermit and @bbjiaksimi became the Butter Brigade, passionately praising the buttery goddess of Coffee Break's black sesame toast. The battle of the butter had begun, leaving spectators amused and eager to try this unique flavor fusion!

Maxwell Food Center - The Portion Predicament!

Maxwell Food Center - 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

Opens: 8:00am - 2:00am.

Ah, the portion predicament! While @albert's celebrated the pocket-friendly cai png, @lilith had her nutrition radar on high alert. And there was @x3rai, proving that sometimes, a friendly aunty's warmth can trump the biggest of portion woes!

Photo of Cai Png at Happy Food
Photo by @albert

Tanjong Pagar Plaza & Food Market - The Chicken Chop Showdown!

Tanjong Pagar Plaza & Food Market - 6 Tanjong Pagar Plz, Singapore 081006

Opens: 8:00am - 8:00pm.

@knihl, the foodie warrior, declared, "Meet Paul western at TANJONG PAGAR HAWKER CENTER is the cheaper and pretty value for money western food place in Tanjong Pagar! But the chicken chop at 81 kopitiam near the Genting building is tastier." @knihl, the self-proclaimed chicken chop aficionado, took us on a wild chicken chop chase. Meet Paul Western and 81 Kopitiam became battlegrounds for the most delectable chicken chop, with Knihl at the forefront of this saucy rivalry!

In the midst of laughter and hearty feasting, Chinatown's hawker centers unfolded as a captivating comedy of flavors. The interplay of quirky characters and amusing cravings transformed this gastronomic journey into an unforgettable adventure.

So, dear readers, if you ever find yourself in Chinatown, allow your cravings to lead the way, and let the laughter guide your palate to a foodie's paradise like no other! From Cendol showdowns to butterlicious delights and everything in between, the hawker centers of Chinatown await your gastronomic exploration. Bon appétit and bon voyage on this delectable and hilarious culinary escapade!

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