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It's the end..

...of 2022 and the start of a new exciting year for Scratchbac. And in the spirit of trying "new things", my growth team suggested that I write a weekly blog post to share what happens behind the scenes at our lovely shophouse office @45B Keong Saik.

So here goes...

It is no news to lay off in 2022; big tech companies were laying people off left and right, but what's encouraging at Scratchbac is that we tried and failed to lay people off. (More on that at the end.)

Over the past few weeks, we worked on improving our value proposition (improving features) from the feedback we received in our Nov relaunch. In addition, we realised our shortcomings in platform stability and refocused our efforts on our quality assurance process.

Exciting improved features (Coming Soon)

We updated our +Ally feed UI to make it easier and more intuitive for users to be in touch with their locality, putting the focus on the people in the community instead of just "stuff" happening. In addition, we added more multimedia options like videos, links and multiple images so that users can now (coming soon) share what's happening in their communities with more detail and vibrancy.

Then some do-or-die features like notifications broke:/

Better QA processes

In the pursuit of making an interactive community platform, we should have paid more attention to the stability of our app and our feedback channels. Unfortunately, this proved to be a very costly mistake because we only knew what was wrong once it was too late, and the bulk of our user acquisition efforts went straight down the drain.

Lesson learnt.

Now we implemented a better system. Our dev bois will do the first layer of feature reviews (Code Review, CR) and then release the APK to our UIUX designers to do a Feature QA1 review (Quality Assurance 1). Then, at the end of each sprint, new features/fixes will be packaged into a version, and our UIUX team will do a Version QA2 review.

On top of event-triggered checks, we also started running routine service checks to ensure that all critical services were live and running flawlessly. Kudos to our product team for coming up with the QA checklists and processes.

Pay cuts & Layoffs (Almost).

Did I mention layoffs? Yep. There are a couple of factors why we had to do this. Given the current economic climate, a significant amount of our funds are held up. That means we are cash-strapped and have to make more revenue or cut costs. We were transparent about the situation and shared it with the team. We discussed solutions, shared about the support we could provide in the interim and played out all possible scenarios for the next 8 months. The announcement turned into a discussion, and we found ourselves leaving without a concrete conclusion on what would happen next. All 10 of us team spend the next few days asking more questions and talking to family and friends. Long story short, everybody took a pay cuts and is still with us on our mission today 🥲

Ok, enough of the sob stories. We are all very hopeful and excited about our next update.

Stay tuned to our weekly blog post to follow our progress!


Cofounder, Scratchbac


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