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Locals' Recommendations for Hawker Foods in Chinatown

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Feeling lost in the sea of hawker food options in Chinatown? Fear not, we have just the list for you recommended by locals themselves!


Maxwell Food Center: Silky Eggs and Cutlet Cravings

Maxwell Food Center - 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

Opens: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 2:00am

In the bustling streets of Chinatown, food enthusiasts are embarking on a gastronomic journey like no other. Among them is @bbjiaksimi, who excitedly shared their experience at Maxwell Food Center. "Returning to old favorites at Maxwell. The place is called Dan Lao if you are keen to try! All the protein options are really good. Egg is so silky. I actually like the cutlet and char siew one more than the luncheon meat hehe," chuckled @bbjiaksimi. With such tantalizing descriptions, it's no wonder our intrepid reporter couldn't resist setting off to uncover the charms of Dan Lao and its scrumptious offerings.

Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center: Caifan Conquests and Otah Omelette Odysseys

Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre - 46 Smith St, Singapore 058956 Opens: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 9:00pm.

Venturing further into the vibrant Chinatown, our food explorer stumbled upon the lively Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center. Here, @gerlehdees, a seasoned foodie, offered her insights. "Had caifan today!!!!! Super yummy, the ingredients tasted really flavorful. This plate (1 veg + 1 egg + 1 meat) is only $3.60 but portion a bit small @ Ye Ji Cooked Food, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre," she exclaimed. A plate of delectable caifan and a pocket-friendly price? It was an adventure our reporter couldn't resist embarking on.

But the culinary escapade didn't stop there. In another corner of the bustling market, they encountered @pogstal, who was on an odyssey of flavors with an otah omelette. "Feels very homely, and the chef and auntie are super cute and nice! There's a chicken and other meat option," shared, her enthusiasm contagious. This was a dish our adventurer couldn't help but try. "Wow! I tried this yesterday nubbad," confirmed @albert, a fellow food aficionado, adding to the excitement.

Amoy Street Food Center: Wanton Noodles, Soy Sauce Chicken, and $3 Caifan

Amoy Street Food Centre - 7 Maxwell Rd, Singapore 069111

Opens: Mon - Sun 6:30am - 9:00pm

With two hawker centers conquered, our intrepid reporter's culinary quest continued to Amoy Street Food Center, a land of noodle stories and soy sauce chicken wonders. @jerryneo, a fellow foodie, weighed in on the infamous Noodle Story. "Defo a better wanton noodle. Char Siew is like Lor bak. Every ingredient on it is nice but somehow it just doesn't feel like it belongs together. Is it delicious? Definitely. Would I come daily? Nah," @jerryneo humorously pondered. The noodle enigma beckoned, and our food adventurer couldn't resist trying it for themselves. "Lol no way I am paying $12.90 for Noodle Story," quipped @bbjiaksimi, an ally in their comedic foodie journey.

But Amoy Street Food Center had more in store. @gerlehdees, the food enthusiast, shared her thoughts on a highly recommended stall. "This stall is highly recommended" + Channel U logo! So I had to try it. Not my fav soy sauce chicken noodles tbh, chicken was quite good and noodles were average. Soymilk was from this store called Mei Mei. It was good," she announced, eager to share her discoveries. @boonkiat chimed in, "Been there.... and wow... yea it was great. the overall vibe," adding to the excitement. However, @gerlehdees had another revelation to share, "the food is decent lor but not my personal fav! I prefer hawker chan."

As their foodie adventure came to an end, they reminisced about the incredible culinary delights, each hawker center offering a unique experience of its own. From silky eggs and cutlet cravings at Maxwell Food Center to caifan conquests and otah omelette odysseys at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center, and finally, the Noodle Story shenanigans and soy sauce chicken wonders at Amoy Street Food Center, Chinatown proved to be a treasure trove for food enthusiasts.

And so, with bellies full and hearts content, our intrepid reporter bid farewell to Chinatown, knowing that their foodie adventures were far from over. Who knows what delectable delights await them in their next quest? One thing's for sure: the vibrant streets of Chinatown will always have something new and exciting to offer for food explorers seeking both flavor and fun!

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