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Moo Moo Cat of Chinatown

Updated: Sep 1

Moo Moo a.k.a Ah Huat a.k.a Fa Fa (发发) is more popular than you, & here's the lowdown on this Chinatown star ⭐

Find Moo Moo at Keong Saik Rd., #83, Singapore 089168

Moo Moo cat's real name is “Get Rich” but it bears other names too!

In the uproarious world of Chinatown, there exists a feline celebrity like no other, known far and wide as "Moo Moo Cat" on Google Maps - thanks to none other than the ever-reliable @kermit. In the local lingo, though, he goes by “Fa Fa’ or "Ah Huat," lovingly addressed by the Uncles and Aunties in the area.

But wait, there's more to this enigmatic kitty! @x3rai spilled the beans, revealing that the real name of this legendary cat is none other than "Get Rich" in Chinese. You heard it right, folks - Moo Moo Cat is the embodiment of prosperity and fortune, purrfectly fitting for the bustling Chinatown scene.

And amidst the meows and laughter, the cat-lover @jerryneo likened him to a "panda cat"!

Moo Moo is a long-living legend

Notably, we discovered from @melissa that this beloved feline has gracefully graced this world with his presence for an impressive 13 years - a truly remarkable feat for this whimsical creature of Chinatown. Long live Moo Moo Cat, the legend of Chinatown!

Moo Moo cat has his own mural painting!

Hold onto your milk tea, because the Moo Moo Cat of Chinatown is making waves, and he's not just any ordinary feline! Thanks to the keen eye of @melissa, we can all revel in the glory of this trendy kitty's greatness - he's a star, and he knows it! Imagine the audacity - Moo Moo Cat has his own portrait!

As @gerlehdees hilariously exclaimed, "What the.. he has his own mural?!! 😂" - and honestly, we can't blame them for the incredulous laughter. Moo Moo Cat, the purrveyor of charm, has officially left his paw prints on the walls of Chinatown, forever immortalized in artistic glory. Move over, Hollywood, because Moo Moo Cat's in town, and he's the king of the streets! 🐾🎨

Moo Moo cat's beautiful home, GONE...

But wait...Catastrophe has struck in the world of the Moo Moo Cat of Chinatown! 😿 As @kermit spilled the catnip, it turns out our furry friend Ah Huat has been missing in action, leaving us all worried and going "qwq" with concern.

To add to the meow-drama, all of Moo Moo's beloved cat houses were totally destroyed!😱 It's like the great Cat-apocalypse hit Chinatown, and we're all feeling the heartache.

But hey, there's hope in the horizon! Thanks to the meow-nificent teamwork of @kermit and @melissa, Ah Huat was eventually tracked down, seeking refuge and hanging around the retail shops nearby. Phew, what a relief! 🙏 The Moo Moo Cat may have had a rough ride, but he's a true survivor, and we're all breathing a collective sigh of relief with smiles and purrs all around! 😻🌈

As the sun sets over the colourful streets of Chinatown, Moo Moo Cat's legacy remains etched in the hearts of all who have crossed paths with this endearing feline. Come visit Moo Moo and update everyone about his whereabouts by posting on Scratchbac!

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