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Multiply as fast as Rabbits

As we celebrate the year of the rabbit or cat (I prefer cat), we doubled down on last week’s progress and “multiplied” the feature set on Scratchbac.

The team started the new year strong with Lou Hei in the office and tea sipping @ Tea Chapter in Chinatown, took 2 and a half days off from work and still managed to deliver all these features (see below).

1. Post Links, Multi-images & Videos

- Adding up to 5 images to your post

- Adding 8s videos to your post

- Adding links with previews to your post

2. Pin Posts on the top of your profile

You can now pin your fav post on your profile for added visibility.

3. Improved Chat Stability

- updated from API-based chat to web socket-based implementation

- notifications from new messages are more reliable

4. Chat multimedia unlocked

- Chat now supports images & links for a better chat experience.

Oh, one more exciting piece of news! We will be organising a sustainability-themed virtual treasure hunt on Scratchbac with the PMO sometime mid-this year! Do look forward to more information about that!

Did I mention that it was my first time giving Ang Bao?

Kudos to our team. Till next week!

Jerry Neo Cofounder

26 Jan 2023


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