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Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal! 😱


For Scratchbac, our Big Hair Audacious Goal or BHAG is to

Connect EVERYBODY within 1km (wherever they are).


Why Connect EVERYBODY Hyper-locally?

This is important because we believe that people are the solution to all of our greatest problems. Problems such as overconsumption, income inequality and even mental health issues. These could all be easily solved if only we had somebody close to seek help from and share (resources) with.

Our vision is a world where communities are so integrated and connected that a new form of social support happens organically at the individual level permeating all levels of society.

What is BHAG?

Alright, so what exactly is BHAG? BHAG, as the name implies, is a big audacious goal that is tangible & clear. It serves as a unifying direction that motivates entire teams.

Honey Combs and a Foot Ball

In the image above, you can see that I illustrated our BHAG with a Singapore map with hexagons forming a honeycomb structure. In my mind, this is the abstract image of the Scratchbac vision. Super integrated societies with well connected hyperlocal communities represented by honey bees in each cell, replicated throughout Singapore and eventually the World (Football). In this vision, the platform merely serves as a tool to connect people and create opportunities to interact in real life.

Online behaviour is tightly coupled to societal norms and what is acceptable in the real world (No more online trolls). And the spread of any ideologies, restrained by the nature of the hyperlocal reach. Thus effectively keeping Scratchbac focused on creating meaningful hyperlocal interactions and not hyper sensationalised content.

Do you share our BHAG? Join us in our hyperlocal revolution by clicking here to get notified the moment we launch!

- Jerry Neo


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