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Our neighbour shares with us his love of coffee

Scratchbac Mission 2 - The team visits a home barista!

Sharing expertise!

Scratchbac is not only about helping others, but it is also about sharing your expertise. We were so excited to see this offer where a home barista who was opening his home to visitors to share his love for coffee for free!

Joseph the barista It turns out, his friendly barista was also an incoming SUTD student! We had a good conversation and definitely made a new friend. Love how even when we were all kicked off campus and made to study from home, we were still able to meet and socialize with our uni mates! Give it a shot too! You can do so too. Don’t be afraid and share your skills with others! What is more exciting than sharing your passion with people who might have a similar interest. Who knows, you might be inspiring others to fall in love with the same interest too.

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