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Parking Tips at Keong Saik (Chinatown)

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Navigate the parking maze in Chinatown! Our Scratchbac Users share their best spots and tips for you to park at. Read till the end and find out how to get a parking spot EVERYTIME!

Tip #1: Avoid lunchtime at Keong Saik Road

In a twist of fate, @jerryneo exclaimed, "Lunchtime at Keong Saik always no place to park." And oh boy, ain't that the truth! Finding a spot to park your ride in this bustling Chinatown area is like trying to find a needle in a haystack – mission impossible!

But fret not, intrepid drivers, for the struggle is real, but so is the reward! With a bit of luck, ninja reflexes, and the tips in this article, you just might nab yourself a parking miracle at Keong Saik.

Tip #2: Post-lunchtime is parking golden hour

Contrary to popular belief, parking spots at Keong Saik aren't always as elusive as a unicorn! As the wise @jerryneo once quirkily remarked, "Immediately after lunch. Bam! Almost totally empty..."

It's true! While lunchtime might resemble a parking battlefield, there's a magical moment immediately after when the parking gods grant you a golden window of opportunity. So, dear savvy parkers, if you time it just right, you might just stumble upon a parking paradise at Keong Saik.

Tip #3: Summon uncle visits... A LOT

That's right, this is a summon uncle/aunty hotspot. These parking enforcers are like parking ninjas, appearing out of thin air to slap you with a hefty fine if you dare park without paying.

Tip #4: Make sure you're facing the correct direction

And as if that's not enough, our dear friend @jerryneo reminds us, "Btw, DYK that you'll get fined if you park in the reverse direction on the side of the road? $70 🤬" Yikes, that's some serious cash you'll be forking out for a parking oopsie! So, be wise, don't mess with the parking rules, and make sure to park on the right side of the road to avoid summon uncle's wrath. Remember, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to parking fines!

Tip #5: Park at Pinnacle @ Duxton instead!

Oh, listen up, fellow parking warriors, because @knthbyj is about to drop a genius parking hack that'll have you fist-pumping with joy!

"The trick to parking at Keong Saik. Just turn right and park at The Pinnacle @Duxton. Walk back, cross one street only. Very near." Yes, you read that right – it's like discovering the holy grail of parking secrets! The Pinnacle @Duxton's carpark along Neil Road just a stone's throw away from Keong Saik Road. Forget circling like a shark on a feeding frenzy; instead, make a beeline to this parking oasis!

Bonus Tip: Parking is FREE after 10pm

Well, well, well, looks like @melissa just dropped a game-changing bombshell! Bet you didn't know – parking at Keong Saik is FREE after 10pm! So, next time you're planning to hit the town and indulge in some merry-making, leave that car behind! Don't be silly, don't drink and drive! You can party the night away worry-free and pick up your ride the next morning before 8.30am.

LOL, talk about a win-win situation! Or, if you're feeling extra fancy, roll up in style and let the valet take care of your wheels right in front of Potato Head. Look at you, parking like a boss while sipping on that mocktail! But remember, safety first, party later! 🍹🚗💨

So there you have it, fellow urban explorers and parking connoisseurs! Keong Saik Road may present its parking challenges, but armed with these witty tips from our street-smart Scratchbac-ers, you're now equipped to conquer those parking woes like a boss! Happy parking and Chinatown adventures await – let the good times roll! 🚗💨🎉

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