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Prata Supper at Srisun Express

Srisun Express: The go-to prata place for your supper cravings.

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Bid farewell to the Fear of Missing Prata (FOMP), as Srisun Express beckons to satiate your late-night cravings in unparalleled style. Established in 2004 in Yishun, this modest eatery initially catered exclusively to South Indian cuisine. Today, it has evolved into a network of 13 outlets spanning the island, showcasing an impressive repertoire of cuisines and intriguing flavors, including the irresistible Honeymoon Prata and the decadent Butterscotch Milkshakes.

Highly Acclaimed Gastronomic Destination

Srisun Express has not just won the hearts of food connoisseurs but has also become a favored rendezvous point for gastronomic enthusiasts from across the nation. A playful post by our user, @cowmoolove, with the teasing caption, "Guess where I am!", sparked a lively exchange of guesses among fellow foodies. @jovantansg, with a touch of humor, correctly deduced, "Just a wild guess but Srisun Express." Not a wild guess as he hit the bulleyes! Srisun Express has undoubtedly earned its reputation and well-known name amongst the locals.

Prata, Maggi Goreng and more!

With a menu as extensive as theirs, making a choice can be a delightful dilemma. However, one dish that consistently steals the spotlight is the maggi goreng. Our user @tengyong succumbed to the allure of late-night munchies and declared, "Supper @ Srisun.". Meanwhile, user @boonkiat marveled at the egg-to-maggi ratio, exclaiming, "Like how the whole egg can cover the maggie 😯😯."

In a similar vein, @x3rai found solace at Srisun Express during a rainy night supper, savoring the same maggi goreng, but this time with a delightful teh tarik combo! Amidst the praise, @jerryneo had to chime in, declaring that the "Best Maggie goreng is in Simpang Bedok." Regardless of this friendly debate, one thing is certain – a visit to Srisun Express should include their maggi goreng.

Even if maggi goreng doesn't align with your tastes, the Nasi Goreng is a savory alternative, as endorsed by @calishulk, who opted for the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis and deemed it as "quite nice." When @gerlehdees inquired about prices and prata recommendations, @calishulk shared insights, "7 for the rice? Prata I v long never eat here already.. If I remember correctly, taste was decent, not say v fantastic for prata. If I have prata, usually is plain prata." @calishulk also revealed a valuable insider tip, "Also got ample seats available if come during lunch hours!"

However, @jurisiv02 recommended the classic "egg and plain prata with curry." at Srisun Express. With differing opinions, the only way to find out which dish suits your tastebuds is to experience it firsthand!

Weighing the Costs

In this economy, we know that price considerations invariably influence our dining choices. Our user @questionangel thoughtfully shared the cost breakdown of his meal, stating, "It’s 11 for the prata with chicken, 7 for the noodle dish, and 4.50 for the drink, a refreshing yakult watermelon."

F is for Food and Friends. There's an undeniable magic when food and friends come together. Srisun Express, beyond being a haven for delectable dishes, serves as a catalyst for forming connections. One of our cherished patrons, @gohzilla, joyously proclaimed, "I've discovered a new supper companion at SB. I suppose most folks already know this iconic prata haven in Batok, no need for me to specify, haha!" Always eager for a culinary adventure, @cowmoolove chimed in, "I can simply stroll down and join you 😢," transforming FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) into FOMP (Fear of Missing Prata).

Say goodbye to FOMP, as Srisun Express beckons—a peerless destination where culinary excellence meets cherished moments among friends. Don't delay; immerse yourself in tantalizing flavors and newfound friendships!

Srisun Express Bukit Batok

132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6, Block 132, Singapore 650132 Opening Hour: Open 24 Hours

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User Reviews:

  1. User @bisthenewera, "Lunch jio by friends on scratchbac! @ amk! (Ate Tom Yum Yong Tau Foo)"

  2. User @auraxol, "Quite like the variety here. The fried stuff tastes great too"

  3. User @jongchomp, "Today super rainy day but lucky that able to join lunch with the super admin @gerlehdees and new friend @bisthenewra I have to say this YTF is legit good and most unique part is that it has pork belly! Probably their outlet store has it. I had Laska and it is super flavourful and would recommend!"

  4. User @gerlehdees, "Always had the dry ytf here, finally tried the soup ytf and fried food today! Soup is good, not shallow taste. Went for meesua instead of maggie - I think Maggie still better 😂 meesua cannot slurp and too lumpy for me! Thanks @jongchomp and @bisthenewera for the company:) nice meeting yall!! #SBQ"

  5. User @weiweihao, "Tried Meixi Yong Tau Foo from the Quest Lineup. The base price is $4.80 for 5 ingredients & 1 noodle. Can order dry or soup. If want laksa, mala or tomyum soup +$1. Extra ingredients +$0.8. Overall, affordable and yummy. Hope this helps ✌🏻 #SBQ1"

  6. User @xavsharkey, "I saw a few people posting about this stall, I didn’t know it was a popular chain. Luckily they are open 24 hours so I can dabao supper 🥡 $5.9 for 6 ingredients, 1 noodle & takeaway. Really quite good, ingredients are fresh. Can add your own spring onion, pepper, chili etc. #SBQ1"

  7. User @karen, "Dry Yong Tau Foo that comes with a small bowl of warm soup. Got the maggie noodles and a few ingredients. Remember to add some sweet sauce, makes it even better than it already was. 👌🏻 #SBQ1"

  8. User @gerlehdees, "Yong Tau Foo @ Meixi’s Kitchen! One of the only few stalls open now at YCK Blk 630 for dinnneerrr noowwww 😋 (1030pm)"



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