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Quirky Cafes in Chinatown to Try

Updated: Aug 25

If there's one thing Chinatown doesn't hold back on, it's food! Prepare your taste buds for an epic adventure as we dive into the world of quirky cafes.


Hidden Gem Alert: The Awesome Cafe - 10/10 Service

202 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068639 Opens Mon 11:00am - 9:00pm | Tue - Fri 11:00am - 12:00am | Sat & PH 10:30am - 12:00am | Sun 10:30am - 9:00pm

@albert shared his secret escapade with The Awesome Cafe. The cafe not only serves sandwiches, but alcohol too for those who want a break from office drama.

"Been here a couple of times and the conclusion? Nice spot to hang out! It was pretty crowded so do make reservations if you need! The interior was amazing and the service 10/10, asked us for feedback and everything." Well, thanks for the tip, @albert, but leaving us in suspense is just cruel! @lilith didn't hold back, stating, "never tell us the name of the place." Phew, saved by the valiant @monklun2003, who swooped in just in time, exclaiming, "Walao Albert, never include place, everyone it's The Awesome Cafe at Telok Ayer Street!" Crisis averted, we can finally explore this hidden haven! While the food seems to decently satisfying, the unique interior and the amazing service definitely served.

Coffee Heaven: Brawn & Brains Coach Cafe - A mix of luxury and simplicity

05 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089113

Opens: Thu - Tues 9:30am - 3pm (Day Menu) 6:00pm - 9:30pm (Dessert Menu) | Closed on Wednesdays

Next up, we have @kermit, a typical caffeine enthusiast working in the CBD. She made her way down to the Brawn & Brains Coach Cafe and raved all about it, Coffee is good ofc cause it’s from brawns & brains - the coffee selection is small but good. Didn’t get to try the food but it sounds good, the doughnuts too 😭🤤 had some small talk w the barista and she said it’s a permanent thing!! So no rush to visit!"

Ah, @kermit, a true coffee aficionado leaving us drooling over those mystery doughnuts. We can't resist a good brew, so we're definitely hopping on this caffeinated bandwagon! If splurging on a Coach bag hurts your wallet too much, perhaps going in for a latte or doughnut would suffice for now…

Vegan Delights at The Love Handle Deli - Perfect for Romantic Dates!

8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788

Opens: Mon - Wed 12:00pm - 10:00pm | Thu & Fri 12:00pm - 10:30pm | Sat 11:00am - 10:30pm | Closed on Sundays

@x3rai has found a chic haven that celebrates the squishy waistlines agenda in vegan and vegetarian world - Love Handle Deli! They offer interesting burgers, such as “Hot Tindle Burger” or “Pulled Rendang Burger”, and mains that we are oh so familiar with, “Love Handle Chicken Rice”. "Tried out The Love Handle Deli today and it was quite yummy! ☺️ Recommended place to go if you're a vegan/ vegetarian and looking for a chic cafe for a date 🥰." Well, who says you can’t go even if you don’t have a date? You need to drown your romance sorrows anyway and what better way to do it chomping down on a "Hot Tindle Burger"?

Rod Dhee Thai Cafe: Thai Cuisine in Chinatown

5 Teo Hong Rd, park MRT Exit 4, Singapore 088323

Opens: Mon - Sun 8:30am - 9:30pm

Our culinary expedition isn't complete without a dash of Thai flavor! @btcprox tantalizes our senses with his dinner experience at Rod Dee Thai Cafe."Scrambled eggs with Thai suki sauce and prawns on rice, paired with Thai ice milk tea." The food must be so good, words would not suffice for @btcprox. Even @albert couldn't resist and blurted, "wah sibeh shiok" - a testiment to the magnificence of Rod Dhee Thai Cafe.

From a cafe inside of a luxury brand shop to appropriately-named vegan delights, Chinatown has it all. Let your inner foodie roam free and journey through these quirky cafes and food spots the vibrant district has to offer. Get ready to indulge in scrumptious surprises and memorable culinary escapades. If they do not suit your taste, guess you could truly say it’s “quirky” experience nonetheless.

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