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As many of our bot users would know, our team has been talking about moving scratchbac to its own standalone app for quite a while (read more about why we want to do this here). In fact, some of you may even recall when we launched an app beta run earlier this year.

Remember our old mascots scratchy and friends?

As you can tell from our more recent promotional material, our app is looking quite different these days. Being more in line with our newest rebrand.

Behind the scenes, it's truly been quite a journey bringing this dream to life. Unlike huge companies, we don't have floors of developers to build the app. Neither do we have the capital to outsource the work. Instead, every line of code in our app is written in-house on our own.

It's been a lot of learning in a very short time. At this point, we've built and scraped multiple app versions and underwent numerous overhauls. Finally, we are at the finishing line of our first milestone - launching our app v1 to the public in just a few more weeks! We hope you are as excited as we are to finally use the app. In the meantime here's a sneak peek at some of the newest features that are exclusive to our app:

Live feed

One of the biggest upgrades from the bot is the ability to connect with others in your physical proximity on the go. See what's up when you visit a mall or discover hidden gems when you're in a new area - experience the power of proximity wherever you are!


One of the most requested upgrades is for more dynamic posting options. We hear you and so are introducing variable input fields and posting distance! Whether you want to jio just the neighbours in your block for a group delivery or you want to update the whole estate on where the community cat is. The control is now in your hands to limit who receives your posts.

In-app chat

One of the most challenging features to build but also one of the most crucial. We pushed hard to have our own in-app chat for a few key reasons:

1. Greater privacy

With our own in-app communication channel there is no need for users to exchange phone numbers or contact details.

2. Growing or userbase beyond telegram

We want to be a platform that is accessible to as many people as possible and this will remove limitations to scratchbac user density. Allowing you to connect with even more people with a higher success rate!

3. A private space with accountability

While chats between users are completely private and invisible to the admin team, should there be any unpleasant interactions, there are robust reporting and blocking systems that ensure we are able to step in and handle any rogue users who mean to harm the community.

Though the app will never be perfect (cause no app ever is) we are so excited to have you guys on board and making the most of it to connect hyperlocally. Want to be one of the first to use the app? Click here to get notified the moment we launch!


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