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Taste Good's Salted Egg Chicken tasted good!

Dive deep into the Salted Egg Chicken at Sim Lim Square that has everyone buzzing. Also, insider tips on beating the queue and navigating the menu.

food options at Taste Good's Sim Lim Square outlet

Okay, so you're probs hitting up Sim Lim Square to cop the latest tech, but trust—you need to check out Taste Good Kitchen. The Scratchbac fam is legit obsessed. User @jiaxint0h says that "the salted egg chicken is the real deal" while @ethantjk says that "the aroma of the food is really so strong and yummy", it's a whole vibe.

Queue Who?

Bruh, don't sleep on the hype. You see a crowd, but that's because they are queuing up for the Cai Fan. @j0shua spills the tea: just "head straight to the cashier, no queue needed." And if you're planning to feast, @mushroomzhiqi says, "seats are plenty and spans across 3 units, but do come early to beat the lunch crowd."

The Main Event.

No cap, the Salted Egg Chicken is where it's at. User @jiaxint0h raves that it is "Creamy, crispy, and a hint of spicy". If you're looking for some 10/10 content for your feed, this dish is it. Plus, there's a slight variety between outlets as user @x3rai mentions that he frequents the outlet at Chinatown Complex. So get ready for something different each time.

Other Dishes


Early birds get the chicken—or whatever you're feasting on. Doors open at 9 am, but the good stuff's available from noon till 7:45 pm. It's a popular spot, so tell 'em how many seats you'll need to dodge the FOMO. You're looking at $5–$8 per person, and it's worth every penny.

Taste Good 好味小厨

1 Rochor Canal Rd, #02-04 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504

Opening Hours: Mon–Sun, 9 am - 7:45 pm

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User Reviews:

  1. User @jiaxint0h, “Found this spot in Sim Lim Square and I’m so glad I did! The salted egg chicken is the real deal. Creamy, crispy, and a hint of spicy from the chilli!"

  2. User @ethantjk, “Dabaoed the cereal sliced fish to eat for lunch at home. The aroma of the food is really so strong and yummy. the cereal also a must try."

  3. User @dylaaaan, “Saw this place being talked about on the app, so I had to try it. The salted egg chicken was good but the hor fun caught my eye for next time."

  4. User @mushroomzhiqi, “#SBQ1 : Taste Good Kitchen We usually eat our lunch here on Sundays, and order our favourite salted egg chicken ($5.90) and mixed ingredients hor fun ($5). They stand out due to their thick creamy gravy! Seats are plenty and spans across 3 units, but do come early to beat the lunch crowd 🔥

  5. User @x3rai, “I’ve eaten the Salted Egg Chicken at Chinatown Complex and now comparing it to the mother outlet at Sim Lim, I think got difference in their salted egg 😂 Over here it’s slightly less creamy which also means less jelak. Good stuff! 😋”

  6. User @j0shua, “Saw the posts about Taste Good and wanted to share about it too. Their salted egg is quite good and is quite creamy, better than a lot of other places. It’s not too jelak also. But then the seats here fill up fast during lunch hour so better to go abit later.




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