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Best Supermarkets in Chinatown for the explorer and the everyday shopper

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Covering the best supermarkets in Chinatown, from the renowned Scarlett and Yue Hwa to the obscure Kun Hai and Da You. We'll tell you where's best to get what when you're out and about in Chinatown!

Opens: Mon - Sun 24 Hours

Also at:

Chinatown Point

Opens: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 11:00pm

Chinatown Trengganu Street

Opens: Mon - Sun 24 Hours

Welcome to Scarlett Supermarket at People's Park Complex, where all your snacking dreams come true! This China supermarket has it all, offering a variety of value-for-money products from groceries to mouthwatering snacks. Confectionery, noodles, beverages, alcohol, frozen food, sauces, seasoning, and daily essentials - you name it, they've got it!

@jerryneo, the supermarket enthusiast, swears by the wonders of Chinese supermarkets. He can't get enough of Scarlett and its counterpart Kun Hai in People's Park Complex. According to him, KH feels like NTUC, while Scarlett is more like Giant, though price points are pretty similar. But hold on, @jeajeajea jumps in to remind everyone that Scarlett's prices are similar because of an ongoing sale. Will the prices still match when the sale's over? Post your take and latest updates and we’ll see!

Meanwhile, @kermit, the location expert, spills the beans on Scarlett's secret hideouts in Chinatown. Apparently, there are two more outlets, one at Chinatown Point and the original outlet tucked away behind the Indian temple at Trenggannu Street. They may be smaller, but hey, size doesn't matter when it comes to snacking heaven!

But it's not just snacks that make Scarlett Supermarket unique. @albert spotted an unexpected surprise - a Haidilao extravaganza! From self-heating sets to spicy mushroom rice and dipping sauces, you can bring a bit of hotpot joy home with you. @jakelow comes in with his own take: “I prefer going there for their LaTiao and Gio Ba selection. 😂”. And if you're in the mood for some offbeat shopping, @albert says they even sell badminton rackets and plushies! Who would've thought?

Oh, and speaking of snacks, @pogstal had a shock of her life amidst the potato chip aisles. She thought DDDK was stacked, but Scarlett takes it to a whole new level! With an insane range of flavors that you won't find in 7-11 or NTUC, it's a potato chip paradise. But be warned, these delightful munchies come at your usual "expensive potato chips air" price, with a "big" pack setting you back around $3.20.

In conclusion, Scarlett Supermarket @ People's Park Complex is the best spot for anyone looking to embark on a culinary adventure through China's finest goods. From tasty snacks to surprising finds, you won't leave disappointed.

Opens: Mon - Fri 9.30am - 11pm | Sat, Sun 9.30am - 11.30pm

According to @jerryneo earlier, if you happen to be at Scarlett's Flagship Store at People's Park Complex, skip the drink section and hop on down to Kun Hai shop at level one of the same building for a likely $0.10 to $0.20 discount.

Rice wine selection at Kun Hai shop People's Park Complex
Photo by @jeajeajea

$8.80 soju at Kun Hai shop
Photo by @jeajeajea

For those craving a little wooziness to go with their refreshment, @jeajeajea has got a surprise for you! Kun Hai shop offers a budget-friendly $8.80 soju option, perfect for those who don't mind exploring beyond the Jinro brand.

Oh, and by the way, Kun Hai shop isn't the only place to find some of these goodies. @jeajeajea lets us in on a little secret - Scarlett Supermarket also sells the sought-after soju and perhaps more. It seems like both stores have their unique charms!

So if you're looking for the best deals for drinks and snacks, Kun Hai is the place to be!

Opens: Mon - Fri & Sun 11:00am - 9:00pm | Sat 11:00am - 10:00pm

Next, we have the dazzling world of Yue Hwa Chinese products in Chinatown - where tradition meets trendiness in a hilarious fusion! With over 50 years of expertise, this department store chain is all about Chinese silk, lip-smacking food, aromatic tea, elegant cheongsams, captivating antiques, and thoughtful gifts. It's like stepping into a time-traveling shopping spree with a touch of modern flair!

@kermit, the tea lover, can't help but sniff around the grocery section - the Chinese tea smells so good, it's like a tea-party paradise! But hold up, the premium tea comes with a premium price tag, and @harrlem points out that it's "atas" stuff. Don't worry, though; @harrlem reminds us that you can find some teahouses around Chinatown with a friendlier price!

Tea selection and LingZhi
Photo by @gerlehdees

Chopsticks, teacups and furniture at Yue Hwa
Photo by @gerlehdees

@gerlehdees, the Chinatown explorer, stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove in her search for A/C during a typically hot day - cosmetics, Chinese clothes, wedding stuff, a Chinese supermarket, and even a furniture store! Phew, talk about having everything under one roof!

Wang Wang drink at Yue Hwa
Photo by @gerlehdees

But brace yourselves, some items may cost a pretty penny, leaving you wondering if you're "poor" or if it's just "ex af" (again!). While some items may be pricey like the drinks that may cost 50% more than those found in the supermarkets at People’s Park Complex, others like @boonkiat mentioned that the furniture on the top floor boasts excellent collections.

Opens: Mon - Sat 11:00am - 9:00pm | Open on public holidays

And don't you love the "honor system" where you donate within a range - it's like being on a charity reality show, but for snacks!

All in all, Yue Hwa Chinese products in Chinatown is a captivating destination that beautifully blends tradition and modernity, providing a truly unique shopping experience. From the finest Chinese goods to delightful discoveries and initiatives like MoNo Foods, it's a place that will leave you both inspired and in awe.

Opens Mon - Thu, Sat & Sun 10:00am - 9:00pm | Fri 10:00am - 8:00pm

Finally, we have Da You Departmental Store at Chinatown Complex, where surprises and savings await!

Stationary section at Da You Departmental Store
Photo by @gerlehdees

Looking for stationery in Chinatown? @gerlehdees discovered the jackpot at Da You - above CK supermarket. She found basic stationery at super affordable prices, like a thick memo pad for just $2.80! But let's be honest, stationery hoarding is a real struggle, so maybe it's time to resist the urge to splurge... just maybe, since the price is cheap hmm...

Notepad at Da You Departmental Store
Photo by @gerlehdees

And hey, Da You is more than just stationery heaven! According to @gerlehdees, they sell everything from rice cookers to clothes, towels, and cleaning supplies - talk about a one-stop-shop for all your last-minute needs. Forget about taking the last train home when you can crash last minute in office (under the table) with all these essentials like @gerlehdees probably does! 🌚

Need to stock up on toiletries and cleaning products without breaking the bank? Look no further than Da You Departmental Store! @jeajeajea and @kermit give it a big thumbs up for their pocket-friendly deals. Who needs Shopee when you can find shampoos and Dettol stuff for around $1+ cheaper at Da You? It's a stonks moment indeed!

In a nutshell, Da You Departmental Store is a money-saving paradise for daily essentials (minus the Wang Wang drink) in the heart of Chinatown. Whether you're on the hunt for stationery or looking to score the best deals on toiletries and cleaning products, Da You has got you covered. So grab your shopping bag and head to this treasure trove for some thrifty fun! 🛍️😄

Whether you're a local or a curious explorer, these supermarkets have proven to be treasure troves of unique products and unforgettable experiences. So, the next time you find yourself in Chinatown, make sure to embark on your own shopping spree at one or all of these supermarkets!

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