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The Mystique of Chinatown's Graves

Where legends linger and chickens guard the mysteries.

Ever get the chills wandering around Chinatown? We're not talking about the AC in the shopping malls; we're talking GRAVES. From the legendary to the mysterious, these aren't just piles of rocks. They've got stories, drama, and even some fluffy chickens. Let's go! 🎃

Tan Tock Seng's Legacy

254 Outram Rd, Singapore 169051

Tan Tock Seng's grave isn't just a historical monument; it's like a family reunion on a hill, with a view to die for. Chilling on high ground overlooking Outram Road, this grand-looking grave caught the eye of user @x3rai, who said, "Was walking to Havelock MRT Station and I passed by a grand looking grave right beside the overhead bridge. I found out that it's actually the grave of Tan Tock Seng."

But wait, there's more! It's not just Tan Tock Seng resting there. User @harrlem chimed in, "Yes it is the resting place of his immediate family as well, if I'm not wrong." Talk about keeping it in the family! You'll be able to find the tomb "above the slop along Outram between Havelock MRT and SGH," according to user @okwsg.

The Mystery of Sharifah Rogayah's Shrine

Duxton Plains Park

Keramat Habib Noh

37 Palmer Rd, Singapore 079424 Opens: Mon - Thurs 10am - 6pm | Fri 2:30pm - 6:30pm | Sat - Sun 9am - 12pm

Now, Habib Noh's shrine is a special place, and not just because pilgrims visit from China. When it was time to bury Habib Noh, the coffin wouldn't move until someone remembered his wish to be buried on Mount Palmer. Talk about having your final say! If you want to check it out, pack some comfy shoes.

As @roberttan98 warns, "The place is a super far in walk along the expressway." And maybe pack a snack; you don't want to be hungry like a ghost, right?

Fort Canning's Tombstones

Fort Canning Park - River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037

Fort Canning's tombstones are more than just ancient rocks; they're like a party where history, cultures, and even portable toilets from the Glenfiddich Film event come together as user @faezlatiff reports. No, seriously, there's actually 600 graves interred since 1822, including Chinese Christians, Europeans, and probably a ghost or two.

Designed by George Coleman, Singapore's first architect, this burial site has seen extensions, renovations, and even religious separations. From Protestant to Catholic burials, it's like a buffet of historical figures all in one place.

So there you have it, the down-low on Chinatown's legendary graves. It's like a history lesson, but with more emojis. Next time you're around Chinatown, don't just look for the best dim sum—keep an eye out for these ancient landmarks. Who knows what secrets (or chickens) you might uncover? 🐔 #GraveyardGoals

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