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Top 5 Places to have an Affair in Chinatown

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

From secret speakeasies to cozy hideaways, we've got the best places to hide your forbidden romances from the public eye 🔥💔


Guoco Tower's Rooftop Garden

Level 2, Half Sheltered, Half Not - Say Whaaat?

First up on the list of hush-hush hangouts is Guoco Tower's rooftop garden on level 2, which is half sheltered and half not - you heard it right! Local explorer @weiweihao spilled the beans, "Quite a nice place I found, not a lot of people also. This is Guoco Tower's Rooftop garden that is not really a rooftop (level 2) half sheltered and half not ah it seems." Most importantly, you might encounter few to no prying eyes.

Takeaway: If you're up for a cozy escapade with bae, this quirky rooftop garden is a must-visit. Half sheltered means you can hide away from any surprise rain showers, while the other half lets you soak in the sun. Talk about a win-win for all weather conditions!

The Pinnacle@Duxton's Top-Secret Hangout

Level 3 Environment Deck

Next on the undercover agenda is The Pinnacle @ Duxton, notorious for its elusive skybridge. But hold your horses! Our insider @gerlehdees has a hot tip: if you can;t get to the skybridge, head to the free-of-charge Environment Deck at level 3!

Takeaway: Who needs the skybridge when you can get some major chill vibes on the Level 3 Environment Deck? Escape the crowds and enjoy some quality bae time with breathtaking city views. Just remember to keep this hush-hush - it's our little secret!

Tras Link Park

Swingin' Good Time for the Young and Free

Takeaway: For a carefree and swingin' good time, head to Tras Link Park when the crowd's a bit more chilled out. Embrace your inner child and get playful with bae on the swings. Just be sure to share the seat with your other half!

Bonus Insider Spot: The Pinnacle@Duxton Plain Park

Takeaway: Are you and bae looking for a "cooling" escape from the sweltering city? This spacious sitting area has got your back! While you might encounter a few other lovebirds, there's plenty of space for everyone to enjoy some quality time.

Pearl's Hill City Park

A Hauntingly Good Surprise

Takeaway: For the brave hearts seeking an adrenaline rush, Pearl's Hill City Park promises spine-chilling vibes. Who needs ghosts when you can stumble upon folks having a chill drink? Just don't forget to bring your own refreshments!

So there you have it, explorers - the top-secret affair spots in Chinatown! Time to plan your next adventure with bae and savour those magical moments away from the crowds. Remember, shhh... it's our little secret! 😉

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