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Dare. Trust Me. $500.

We update our vision and missions from time to time to better communicate our purpose to our community.

Vision: People use Scratchbac to be in touch with their locality and to feel a sense of hyperlocal belonging

Missions: (1) To help people build hyperlocal relationships (Make friends).

This is why we built the +Ally feed. We believe helping you build strong relationships (social capital) with people around you enable the sharing of resources, favors, and information.

(2) To increase participation in community activities & create shared memories.

This is why we support your community events/projects with up to $500. We believe that physical interactions build the strongest bonds and create the most lasting memories.

(3) To promote a community economy and create community-owned & financially viable projects.

This is why we are building a Community Pot that will support Scratchbac Community owned projects and businesses. Coming Soon! Reach out to me on the SB App if you want to initiate any community projects! Updated Jan 2023 Jerry Neo Cofounder

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