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What is 'Geosocial'?

The word 'Geosocial' is a combination of the words Geography and Social.

For Scratchbac, the word is crucial. It signifies how places play a huge part in connecting people and creating meaningful interactions.

With today's technology, location services in smartphones have enabled all sorts of activities involving people and things in close proximity, and this idea is not new.

For example:

  • A dating app enabling people to meet others who are nearby.

  • A ride-hailing app enabling passengers and drivers to connect and get from point A to B.

  • A food delivery app enabling people at home to connect with restaurants and delivery men in between to get food delivered.

The list goes on!

It's no surprise that many platforms connect people in the vicinity. After all, proximity is powerful. Of course, this is also a core belief of Scratchbac. But unlike most platforms, we think that the power of proximity can be used for much greater things beyond just transactional utility.

We believe that it can be used to create a space

Where real people can share ideas, start conversations & get to know each other.

Where neighbours borrow tools, sell furniture & group buy together.

Where communities share news, start activities & boost small businesses.

Where you can find meaningful connections within reach.

This is our vision for a geosocial media platform.

Interested? Be part of the geosocial revolution and get notified when we launch:


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