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Where to Play Sports in Chinatown

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Itching for a good ball game in the midst of Chinatown but not sure where you can unleash your sporting energy? We've got you with a list of sports amenities, all within walking distance of each other!

Chinatown Complex Rooftop Basketball Court

335 Smith St, S 050335, Rooftop

Opens 24 Hours Daily

We start off high above the bustling streets of Chinatown Complex, wherein lies a hidden gem for the athletic souls - the Chinatown Complex Rooftop Basketball Court! 🏀🌞 Feeling like you need to work off some weight after a scrumptious meal at the Chinatown Complex Food Center? Head up to the basketball court above for a good workout.

Sepak Takraw courts at Chinatown Complex rooftop
Post by @X3rai

But hold up, the surprises don't stop at basketball! @x3rari was up there to take rooftop pictures, only to stumble upon not just one, but two Sepak Takraw Courts in the corner! It's like a sports lover's paradise up there! 📸🤸‍♂️ Despite not being a Sepak Takraw pro, @x3rari's got the ultimate cheer squad with @boonkiat and the gasping @harrlem! 💪😲

If you’re against physical activity, sweat it out by donning your favourite outfits for a photoshoot instead! Catch a glimpse of @gerlehdees and @x3rari's face reveals on their 2nd time at Chinatown Complex rooftop for their graduation photoshoot. Happy graduation to the both of them!

So, if you're seeking some bball excitement, a chance to conquer Sepak Takraw courts in the sky, or simply to look dapper in perspiration in your photos, Chinatown Complex Rooftop has got you covered!

Duxton Plain Park Futsal & Basketball Courts

Yan Kit Rd

Opens 24 Hours Daily

If you're seeking some action-packed sports in Chinatown, look no further than Duxton Plain Park Futsal & Basketball Courts! ⚽🏀 @monklun2003 knows the drill, as he used to frequent the Futsal Court on Thursdays at 5pm. But here's the twist - he always ends up bumping into the same few lower secondary school kids having a kickaround. Does he chase them away? Nope! Instead, it turns into an epic showdown - lower sec versus working adults - in a "friendly" match! It's a clash of generations and skills, all in the spirit of fun! 😄

And speaking of the basketball court, @albert spills the beans - it's a hotbed of excitement at this basketball court! Always buzzing with people, whether they're office workers from nearby or Duxton residents, this court is the place to be for some intense hoops action! 🏀💥

But beware, the basketball battleground isn't for the faint-hearted! 😅 @faezlatiff learned it the hard way, having a ball game with random people at the Tanjong Pagar bball court. It sounds fun, but he ended up getting trashed by a pack of 15-year-olds! 🙈 Well, sometimes the young ones show us their moves, and we have to give credit where it's due! They sure know how to dominate the court! 💪

So, if you're up for some thrilling sports showdowns and a good laugh, head over to Duxton Plain Park Futsal & Basketball Courts!

Yankit Playfield

Along Eu Tong Sen Street and Pearl’s Hill Terrace Road, at the base of Pearl’s Hill

Opens 24 Hours Daily

Next up is Yan Kit Playfield, once home to the iconic Yan Kit public swimming pool - Singapore's cherished swimming facility from 1953 to 2001. The pool's distinctive Art Deco architectural style, nestled amidst towering residential blocks like Pinnacle @ Duxton, held countless memories for swimmers until dwindling attendance led to its closure.

But worry not, this tale has a happy twist! After failed attempts at privatisation, the pool area found a new lease on life in 2019 as the beloved Yan Kit Playfield, a hub of leisure and recreation. 🏊‍♂️🎉

@xavsharky is no stranger to Yan Kit's transformation, reminiscing about the swimming pool that once stood there. Now, it's a cozy spot adorned with artificial grass and outdoor tennis tables. But hold up - no soccer allowed on the grass? Say what?! @jeajeajea can't believe it either and questions the use of fake grass for anything other than soccer. 😂 Maybe it's time to pack a picnic mat and make the most of the grassy coziness!

But wait, there's more to Yan Kit Playfield than meets the eye! 🕵️‍♂️ @x3rai unveils a hidden fitness corner at the end of Duxton Plain Park. It's a treasure trove of surprises, with low ropes, table tennis tables, and even a lawn bowling turf!😲 What a diverse collection of fun activities to keep you entertained! And leave it to @jerryneo to come up with some creative ideas - why not turn it into a SOC (standard obstacle course) practice ground? Let the fitness adventures begin! 💪

So, if you're on the hunt for a piece of Singapore's swimming history, or you're simply seeking a cozy spot to enjoy outdoor games and activities without the consequences of muddy shoes, Yan Kit Playfield is the place to be!

Open Field along Pearl’s Hill Terrace Road

17 Yan Kit Rd, Singapore 088268

Opens 24 Hours Daily

Along the busy Eu Tong Sen street is an open field at the base of Pearl’s Hill that becomes the playground for sports enthusiasts and fun seekers alike! 🌳🏟️@kermit can't help but share about "sb sports day" - and before you know it, "sb picnic day" is already in the works! 😂 When it comes to creativity, this crew knows how to keep things exciting! @kappakun93 suggests Meow2 as the umpire, and @tengyong quickly chimes in, questioning why Meow isn't involved. But it turns out, Meow might be a little too "lazy" for the action! 🐱💤

And speaking of action, Thursdays are the day to look forward to! 🗓️@jerryneo's got an open invitation to all frisbee enthusiasts for a game at the foot of Pearl's Hill from 4 pm to 6 pm. 🥏🎉 The SB team is calling all players, so DM Jerry for a guaranteed spot in the fun. @shinosuke is already eager to join, and @m1kalsipanah loves the idea, hoping for more exciting events like this! But alas, the working squad, represented by @kravmagaboy and @bigbear, can only envy the mid-week frisbee extravaganza from afar! 😢💼

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual sports lover, Chinatown's sporting gems offer a warm invitation to embrace the joy of sportsmanship and friendship. So, lace up those sneakers, grab your gear, and venture into this sporting haven!

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