Who's behind Scratchbac

(left to right) Jerry Neo, Cheryl Low, Anantharajan Vivekbala and Princeton Poh.

Our humble team started as a group of unlikely friends who met in university (SUTD whoo!). Between us, we've worked on countless projects. From hardware to software, healthcare products to automation systems. If you can name it we can probably build it (please don't say nuclear power plant...). Here's more about the team individually:

Jerry Neo, Team Lead

Jerry is crazy about smart city technologies and the environment. In his free time, he practises Muaythai and coaches his varsity team occasionally. His background is in entrepreneurship studies, computer engineering and renewable technologies.

Something cool: Designed and built an Automated Letterbox System envisioned for the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

Cheryl Low, Product Design & Marketing

Cheryl is passionate about user-centric design and technology. In her free time, she bakes and volunteers for female empowerment in Tech. Her background is in design science and mechanical engineering.

Something cool: Designed Tello! a communication app for patients with the locked-in syndrome that won the Startup Weekend 2019 (together with Jerry).

Princeton Poh, DevOps & Front-end

Princeton is enthusiastic about Human Behaviour and Social Integration. He is our unofficial "Chief Morality Officer". Currently, he is completing his bachelors in computer science and masters in technology entrepreneurship at SUTD as a scholar.

Something cool: Wrote the first lines of code for Scratchbac and created The OG Scratchbac Bot.

Vivkebala, System Architect & Back-end

Bala is a modern-day farmer, he is interested in Urban Farming and Education. In his free time, he cultivates mushrooms at home with the hope of creating decentralised farms in the future. Currently, he is completing his bachelors in computer science and masters in technology entrepreneurship at SUTD as a scholar.

Something cool: Key member of the team that developed the Singapore National Day Parade Online Ticketing System in 2019.

The journey

For the past year, we've been juggling building Scratchbac and studies and honestly, it's been tough. Unlike large tech companies, we don’t have floors of developers and venture capital in the bank. Yet what's keeps us going is the strong community of Scratchbac-kers who believe in what we’re doing. The ones who have supported us through all our trials and errors and helped us shape what this platform can be.

Scratchbac has the potential to do so much good and we want to get this right. However, the current operation is taking a toll on the team. In order for us to deliver the best experience in a cost-effective manner, we decided to learn the skills and to build the app ourselves. We are 75% there, but the development of the app will tie up our whole team for the next few months, and our "student" team simply cannot cope.

This is why we have made the decision to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help get us over that finishing line.*

*Update!! Since our Kickstarter is now successfully funded, we are now making the most of those funds to expand our team and accelerate our progress. :D

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