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Get Connected to People Around You

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Scratchbac is where people in
close proximity come together to 

share resourcessay hi stay aware
of what is happening around them instantly.

Technology connects us to anyone anywhere in the globe, yet we are disconnected with the people around us. Scratchbac is here to connect.

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Unlock the power of communities


Group buy with your neighbours or the office workers next door.

 Save money on the purchase and on delivery.

Tap on nearby resources


Share resources & reduce waste. It is environmentally and wallet friendly to borrow a tool that we only use occasionally

Always stay in
the know 


Alert your neighbourhood of suspicious people around, report on a lost plushie found on your way home or even helping to keep a look out for a lost dementia elderly.

Check out what scratchbac-kers are doing

60,000 scratchbac-kers across Singapore have been actively sharing and giving away items on our demo bot.

Back this project on Kickstarter to make Scratchbac App a Reality.

Why Kickstarter?

Scratchbac has the potential to do good and we want to get this right!

Our humble team started as a group of unlikely friends who met in university (SUTD whoo!) For the past year, we've been juggling building Scratchbac and studies and honestly, it's been tough. Unlike large tech companies, we don’t have floors of developers and venture capital in the bank.

Yet what keeps us going is the strong community of Scratchbac-kers who believe in what we’re doing. The ones who have supported us through all our trials and errors and helped us shape what this platform can be.

 At this point, we have an early app version ready to launch which means we’re 75% there. But there's still crucial features the app needs and it’s that last 25% that’s most challenging. With one big final push, we can actually get Scratchbac to those who want it as bad as we do.

For that to happen, we need to grow our team with experts in software and app development to help us build a more robust and complete version of Scratchbac (with better safety, social features, and so much more!)

App features

Keep up with hyperlocal happenings with your Live Location Feed

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Keep track of what's important all the time in your Home and Work Feed

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Interact meaningfully with Comments or Chat

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Get to know other users with Profiles and Items

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