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Treasure hunts

Think you know your neighbourhood well?

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Throughout 2022 

We're organising treasure hunts all across SG that put your neighbourhood knowledge to the test 👀

Win cash & prizes worth hundreds! 


How it works

1. Download the Scratchbac App

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Scratchbac is a Proximity-based Favour App that lets you make posts tied to physical locations.

2. Stay tuned for when Clues are dropped in app for hunts

Follow our social media channels also to be updated
when a treasure hunt is starting!

3. Follow the hunt instructions to get to the end and claim your prize!

Previous hunts for you to FOMO over :)

Which neighbourhood should we go to next?

Thanks for submitting!

Please exercise due caution when participating in the treasure hunt.
Scratchbac bears no responsibility for any bodily harm sustained by participants during the event.

Download Scratchbac now

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