Do Favours

Share Stuff,
& Have Fun

The Proximity-based Favour App.

We make it fun and easy
for you to Do Favours
anywhere, anytime!

Scratchbac is like a Loudhailer! Use it to connect with people in your location and do things together! 

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Be in the know with Hyperlocal Happenings

Share and Learn about the fun and interesting things in your neighbourhood. 

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Share and Borrow
Anything and Everything!


Board Game?

Ladder? Printer?


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Do things together with the people right next to you! 

Groupbuy, Find Hiking Pals, or even Supper Kakis! Find people and do things together. 

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Scratchbac Events

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Treasure Hunt

Think you know your Singapore well? Join our Treasure Hunt to learn more about each neighbourhood and Stand a chance to win our LOL prizes.

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Board Games Mania

How else to get to know your neighbours? Play board games of course. We have more than 30 fun games. You just have to come down!

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Swap-Swap Market

Want to refresh your wardrobe without spending a cent? Do it the sustainably at our swap party! You can also swap gadgets and any other preloved items!