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Your Hyperlocal Tribe

Reconnecting you with the people nearby to build the community of your dreams!


+Ally with people around you

Swipe to see who's interesting around you and +Ally with them to see their posts on your Following.

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What's the Hooha around here?

Something is happening around you and you're the first to know.

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Scratchbac Events

We are all about doing things together here. Join our existing events or kickstart your own!

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Treasure hunt with Punggol!

Do you know Punggol well enough? Join our virtual Treasure Hunt and stand a chance to win $4,000 worth of prizes. FInd out more.

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Solidari-Thrift with Tammy & Ire

Donate your old clothes and thrift at Scratchbac with all proceeds towards Mutual Aid.

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Up-cycling Saturdays with Kim from Club Agenda

Turn your trash into treasure, up-cycle your old clothes into fashionable pieces.

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Commute2050 with Jeanette

Vandalise legally with your take on our world in 2050 and help spark the conversation on the issue of climate change!

Coming Soon

Kickstart Your Own Event!

Scratchbac helps you kickstart your own event. 

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Why Scratchbac?

Scratchbac was founded to challenge our global addiction to mindless-consumerism. Now, Scratchbac brings people back to the tribal days where we love and cherish hyperlocal community building. 

We make it easy for people to reconnect with their tribes and make community support a norm. We prioritise sustainability and equitable growth through the building of Social Capital.

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