"It's like a PA system in your pocket đź“Ł"

Whenever. Wherever. 24/7.

It's midnight and your printer just died on you - are you going to go out and buy a new one? of course not! Enter Scratchbac - the free social sharing platform. Just one post gives you a direct line of communication to others in your immediate vicinity, after all the help you need is often just around the corner.


Connecting you Hyper-locally.

How it works?

Posts made on Scratchbac are sent to all users within a 1km radius.

If someone is interested, they will reply and then arrangements can be made in a private chat. 

What Scratchbac-kers are saying


My bicycle tyres were flat and I didn't ride it for 4 years now. I posted a request for help and one user responded so quickly. He checked my bicycle, pumped air and also gave advice on how to take care of my bicycle. Very helpful and kind of him to help a stranger. I feel very happy that I have helpful neighbors and it kind of bring me closer to the community I have been living in for many years!


Kate Leong

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