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Your Hyperlocal Tribe

Be in touch with your locality and feel a sense of hyperlocal belonging!


+Ally with people around you

See who's interesting around you and +Ally with them to see their posts on your Following.

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Check out what people are up to and join in on the fun!

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What's the Hooha around here?

Something is happening around you and you're the first to know.


Looking for partnerships?

Want to go beyond and bring people together?

Work with us today!

We excel in bringing people to

Meet IRL (In real life)

Join group events & activities

Initiate community projects

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Introducing the Scratchbac experience

Phygital community events

112,000 monthly active users

22,000 community event participants

We are known for developing multiple Phygital Gamified Campaigns that helped many brands in Singapore drive community engagement, foot traffic, sales and more!


Our past events & activities

Here are just some of the many flagship community events we have successfully ran! 

Eco-Mystery Hunt'23

Singapore, May 2023

Between May 2023 - June 2023, close to 1 million players followed hints on Scratchbac’s App and social media to locate a Green Key that can be exchanged for S$10,000 cash OR a Sustainability Expedition to Mongolia. 

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