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What is Scratchbac about?

Scratchbac is a hyperlocal social app that reconnects you with the people nearby to build the community of your dreams. We want to help you build a network that is near you and to help you achieve a sense of belonging at where you are.

How do I use Scratchbac?

First Up

Get your profile ready such that you can get the full Scratchbac experience! You'd prefer to connect with someone with a full profile rather than an empty profile, and others would too!


with people in your area. Swipe through the +Ally Feed to find out who's around you and what they're up to. That could be people who live near you, work near you, or located in the area you are exploring! 

Check out

what's the hooha around you. Stay up-to-date about the activities and happenings in your vicinity through the Around Me feed. Know what's good to eat, where to hang out, what events there are , and more wherever you are, straight from the people who were there! Find out more by commenting on the posts or by allying with others.


your finds and resources with everyone in the area. Add to the vibrance of your hyperlocal tribe by sharing what you see and what you know! A hidden gem, an adorable neighbourhood cat, or some neighbourhood tea? Share it!

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