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Yes, we know how math works but what we mean is that when people come together and get connected, amazing things are unlocked! After all, there is power in numbers. Whether it's through collaborating, exchanging help, resources or anything else, life's always more interesting when shared!

Our origin story

Jerry Neo
Co-founder, Business

The fastest idea-randomizer with the thickest skin in the lot. He has a habit of leaping than looking which paired with a feisty attitude often takes us to excitingly dangerous places we might or might not have hoped for.

Cheryl Low
Co-founder, Design

Cheryl is the eagle-eyed mother hen with an unfathomable love for ducks. Between constant all-nighters and member-counselling sessions/ dessert treats, it’s such a mystery how she manages to do it all at once!

Princeton Poh
Co-founder, Tech

The down-to-earth builder who's there to make our dreams a reality. Through the chaos of development, he somehow always manages to teach himself whatever's needed in the nick of time to get the job done.

Scratchbac was started during the 2020 circuit breaker period by 3 unlikely friends who witnessed the challenges that COVID-19 brought to the community. Feeling isolated but also inspired by the essential workers who stepped up to serve others, they decided to put into practice their university's motto of 'a better world by design'. Thus they created a resource sharing Telegram Bot which, through much trial and error (+ the amazing support of the community), has since grown to become the vibrant Scratchbac family we love today!

Since we started last year, our team has grown to a total of 13 student volunteers. Of course, juggling Scratchbac and schoolwork is pretty (very) intense, especially during crunch time. Luckily, being true blue SUTDents, we all fully subscribe to our school's unofficial motto of Stay Up Till Dawn which magically gives us a few more hours each day as we survive on Mr Bean and ✨teamwork✨!

Backend Lead
Yang Aobo
Ryan Yip
Frontend Lead
Jordan Tay
Data Lead
Kenji Ling
Backend Developer
Jun Wei
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Isaac Kua
Frontend Developer
Data Analyst
Song Gee
Backend Developer