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A guide to posting like a pro on Scratchbac 🎓

In this tutorial, we will cover some Scratchbac basics for posts - how to create a post, how to add media files to a post, where to post, and so on.

Then we will look at how you can up your Scratchbac game with better content and higher engagement. Learn how to create posts on Scratchbac like a pro!

By posting like a pro, you contribute interesting and useful information to brighten up your hyperlocal community on Scratchbac! Quality posts by our users are used by ScoopAI, our very own co-writing AI that creates hyperlocal articles we call 'Scoops'!

🚀 Quick Tips for Awesome Posts!

Must-Have Basics

🎯 Subject: What's the buzz? Tell us about the product, shop, or anything exciting!

📍 Location: Where's the scoop? Mention the shop name, street, or specific spot!

📖 Personal Stories: We love stories! Share your experience like a captivating tale!

💡  Tip: Add a verdict (yay or nay?) or a key takeaway for extra flair!

Nice-to-Have Additions

📷 Clear & Relevant Pics: Show off pictures of the subject and location!

😇 Stay Neutral: Be fair! If it's a review, balance the pros & cons and avoid projecting feelings as facts.

🗣️ Keep It Real: Let's hear it from you! Describe your experience genuinely.



Spice Up Your Content

☕ Gossip & Fun Facts: Spill the tea on any juicy info or interesting rumors!

🌟 Personal Reviews: Give us the lowdown! What do you like or dislike?

🗝️ Insider Tips: Share hidden gems, secret menus, best times to visit, and more!

🎁 Useful Guides: Help newbies with handy info for a smooth experience.

💬 Recommendations: What's your top pick? Let us know your personal favorites!

👀 What to post on Scratchbac?

📍 Content that is location-based

  • MRT breakdown

  • Water pipe burst

  • Good food nearby you


📈 Content that promotes sharing

     (Of information or resources etc)

  • Giving away clothes

  • Offering to lend your tools

🫶 Content that helps people know you better

  • Your hobbies

  • Your interests

  • Day-to-day life


🎉 Content that promotes activities & events

  • Open jio for badminton!

  • Community mural painting

How to post on Scratchbac?

1. Click on the (+) icon to create a new post


3. Type the contents of your post in the text box

💡 Tip: Did you know that you can include links, use markdown and attach up 5 media files to your post? The 5 media files can be a mix of images, videos (maximum duration of 8 secs), and GIFs. 

2. Choose where to send your post​

  • Choose from Home, Work or Live Location!

💡 Tip:: If you've already left a place but want to post as if you're still there, just tweak your profile location temporarily. Pick the desired location for your post, and then switch it back later!

4. Once ready, click ‘post’!

Share away and let your creativity shine! 🌈 Happy posting! 😄

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