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Meixi's Kitchen - 24H Affordable Yong Tau Foo

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Dive in the Yong Tau Foo magic at Meixi's Kitchen, and decide if you want it in soup or dry. (Note: This Scoop is on the Meixi's Kitchen outlet in Blk 630 Ang Mo Kio only)

food options at Meixi Kitchen yong tau foo

Love a little bit of everything? Want a warm hearty meal? Look no further, Meixi's Kitchen is perfect for you. Serving Hakka Yong Tau Foo since 1986, Meixi's Kitchen is a popular Yong Tau Foo chain with 13 outlets across Singapore.

A Late-Night Economical Gem

If you are having random Yong Tau Foo cravings, Meixi's Kitchen (AMK) is here to save the day AND night. As @xavsharky wisely points out, this place is open 24/7, people!

For a mere $4.80, you can bag a bowl of piping hot Yong Tau Foo that includes 5 ingredients and a noodle. Each additional ingredient added is worth $0.80. With a base price of less than $5, Meixi's Kitchen is an affordable go-to spot for those who crave delicious comfort food no matter in the afternoon or the wee hours.

Handmade Ingredients and Crispy Delights

Are you ready to explore the Meixi's Kitchen universe of flavours? Well, buckle up! @gerlehdees heard that all of their ingredients are handmade and so we checked — she's right. According to Meixi's Kitchen, every piece of Yong Tau Foo is handmade in their kitchen. Talk about dedication!

But the excitement doesn't stop there. As @auraxol puts it, even the fried stuff here is a delight! It's a flavour fiesta that caters to every craving. Whether you're into crispy goodness or the rich tapestry of Yong Tau Foo ingredients, Meixi's Kitchen has something for every adventurous palate.

Diverse Flavours

Now the last decision to complete your meal: Dry or soup? According to @karen, the Dry Yong Tau Foo comes with a small bowl of warm soup. So hey, I guess you get soup anyway, just a matter of how much soup you are feeling that day!

But wait, there's more! As @weiweihao spills the *(soy)*beans, you can customise your experience further. Fancy some laksa, mala, or tom yum soup action? Just add a buck like @jongchomp and @bisthenewera did! “I had Laska and it is super flavourful and would recommend,” exclaimed @jongchomp.

Final Verdict

As our flavourful journey through Meixi's Kitchen comes to a close, we hope you've savoured the essence of this gem. With its 24/7 availability, customizable Yong Tau Foo, and an array of delicious offerings, all at an affordable price tag of $4.80, Meixi's Kitchen continues to leave a lasting impression on every palate it touches.

Meixi’s Kitchen @ BGAIN 630 Eating House

630 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560630

Opening Hours: Mon–Sun, 24 hours

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User Reviews:

  1. User @bisthenewera, "Lunch jio by friends on scratchbac! @ amk! (Ate Tom Yum Yong Tau Foo)"

  2. User @auraxol, "Quite like the variety here. The fried stuff tastes great too"

  3. User @jongchomp, "Today super rainy day but lucky that able to join lunch with the super admin @gerlehdees and new friend @bisthenewra I have to say this YTF is legit good and most unique part is that it has pork belly! Probably their outlet store has it. I had Laska and it is super flavourful and would recommend!"

  4. User @gerlehdees, "Always had the dry ytf here, finally tried the soup ytf and fried food today! Soup is good, not shallow taste. Went for meesua instead of maggie - I think Maggie still better 😂 meesua cannot slurp and too lumpy for me! Thanks @jongchomp and @bisthenewera for the company:) nice meeting yall!! #SBQ"

  5. User @weiweihao, "Tried Meixi Yong Tau Foo from the Quest Lineup. The base price is $4.80 for 5 ingredients & 1 noodle. Can order dry or soup. If want laksa, mala or tomyum soup +$1. Extra ingredients +$0.8. Overall, affordable and yummy. Hope this helps ✌🏻 #SBQ1"

  6. User @xavsharkey, "I saw a few people posting about this stall, I didn’t know it was a popular chain. Luckily they are open 24 hours so I can dabao supper 🥡 $5.9 for 6 ingredients, 1 noodle & takeaway. Really quite good, ingredients are fresh. Can add your own spring onion, pepper, chili etc. #SBQ1"

  7. User @karen, "Dry Yong Tau Foo that comes with a small bowl of warm soup. Got the maggie noodles and a few ingredients. Remember to add some sweet sauce, makes it even better than it already was. 👌🏻 #SBQ1"

  8. User @gerlehdees, "Yong Tau Foo @ Meixi’s Kitchen! One of the only few stalls open now at YCK Blk 630 for dinnneerrr noowwww 😋 (1030pm)"



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