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Madame Ooze's Creamy Creations

Where pistachio ice cream triumphs, hostels play peekaboo, and Chinatown's in a scoop frenzy!

Madame Ooze Ice Cream Cafe & Dessert Bar

259 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058808

Opens: Mon - Thurs 8:00am - 10:00pm | Fri - Sat 8:00am - 11:00pm | Sun 8:00am - 10:00pm

Welcome to Madame Ooze, where stepping inside feels like a cozy time-traveling experience, rescuing you from the blazing Chinatown sun. It's like the café teamed up with your grandma's attic to create an atmosphere that's both vintage-chic and snug as a bug in a rug.

As you scan the menu, the pistachio ice cream winks at you, promising a scoop of pure velvety, nutty paradise. So, put on your culinary explorer's hat as we embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of Madame Ooze's signature delights and eavesdrop on some savory customer whispers.

Menu Magic

At the café's front stage, the food display becomes an irresistible siren song—icy treats, pastries, and drinks are all in a lively tango to tantalize your taste buds. There's this picture by @weiweihao that's basically a love letter to indulgence: a ham and cheese croissant engaging in a steamy molten embrace, a pistachio and taro ice cream duo perched on a brioche cone, and a mystery tea creation by the resident barista.

Oh, and when Sherlock-level inquirers like @boonkiat asked about prices, @weiweihao's intel revealed that the croissant is $10, the tea's tagged at $8, and each ice cream scoop is around $6, playing spin-the-wheel with flavors.

Now, drumroll for the star of the show, pistachio ice cream! It's basically the unicorn of desserts, an enchanting potion of velvety goodness and nutty wonder that customers can't stop waxing poetic about. But hold your horses, that's not all—there's a fruity posse consisting of taro and yuzu sorbets that are the berry on the cake of refreshment.

Whisperings of Delight

Here's the scoop, folks (pun intended)—pistachio ice cream at Madame Ooze is the new rave in town. Witness user @gerlehdees' declaration of love: "The ice cream is seriously damn good!" And not to be outdone, @kappakun93 comes in with a mic-drop moment by declaring it "goooooood" and vowing to drink every last drop. Now, there's a rival flavor faction represented by @kermit, who's still swooning over Dopa Dopa's pistachio, but most agree that Madame Ooze's version is like that one summer fling you can't forget.

Moving beyond ice cream utopia, @jeajeajea raises a toast to the "not bad" ham and cheese croissant in the comments section, while @x3rai gives it a "so-so" rating for non-ice-cream items, labeling them as just "so so." It's like a party where the ice creams are the rockstars and the rest are trying to get backstage access.

Sage Advice for Cafe Trekkers

For the ultimate guide, let's hear it for @gerlehdees, who wrote a love letter disguised as a Scratchbac post, diving deep into the layout and vibe. Brace yourself, my good sir! Madame Ooze is in a relationship with a lively hostel called Adler—limited seats are the cute compromise you get in this cozy family. So, if staff says your favorite spot is occupied, don't argue; they're just trying to play matchmaker. And for the savvy seat snatchers, @gerlehdees suggests hitting the café during the off-peak hours for prime real estate.

Oh, and here's the twist—tourists from the Adler hostel swing by like your quirky aunt who can't help but pop in unannounced. There's a secret door backstage that leads to the hostel lobby, creating a backstage pass that blends café magic with a dash of hostel adventure. Remember, knowledge is power, and being in the know about the cozy-crowded hostel-café rendezvous will score you extra points in the "who's-the-local-now" game.

Madame Ooze is like a retro-themed treasure chest overflowing with creamy delights and whimsical vibes. It's the place where pistachio ice cream dreams come true, where you can indulge in soft-serve swirls that dance on your taste buds like a tango of flavors. So, plan your visit, brace yourself for the peak-hour suspense, and embrace the hostel lobby boarders and lobby—the rhythm of Madame Ooze's heartbeat.

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User Reviews:

  1. User @jeajeajea, “Went back to Madame Ooze and got their yuzu sorbet instead cause my friend got the last scoop of pistachio and it’s not bad but pistachio still tops

  2. User @weiweihao, “Ordered the Ham & Cheese Croissant, Pistachio & Taro Ice Cream and Madame Ooze drink (a surprise tea and I was surprised) at Madame Ooze. 👍 The order of the pictures is very delicious to delicious 😂 10/10 recommend The staff are very friendly and nice too. They forgot our drink order and ended up giving us another cup for free!!”

  3. User @gerlehdees, “I went to Madame Ooze Ice Cream Cafe & Dessert Bar for dessert because it was so highly raved in this scoop ( and OMG it’s seriously damn good 😭 I’ll rave about it in the comments I NEED MORE TEXT SPACE 🤚🏻 #SBinChinatown"

  4. User @jerryneo, “Work from cafe @madame ooze. Jeanette reading The Cold Start Problem by Andrew Chen and I’m just emailing😗

  5. User @kappakun93, “And now for dessert… Madame Ooze Dessert Bar #pistachio#cookies&cream

  6. User @jeajeajea, “Night time coffee to blast through my reads at Madame Ooze

  7. User @x3rai, “Tried Madame Ooze after hearing all the hype. Had ice chocolate, scrambled egg croissant and a tart. Felt that the tart was quite good but the rest was so so. Maybe I should have just sticked to their ice creams as that’s their specialty…



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