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Nostalgia at Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe

Craving your ah ma's classics? This retro eatery hits sweet and savoury nostalgia just right with French toast, chicken chop, and more.

Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe

5 Craig Rd, Singapore 089665

Opens: Mon - Sun 7:30am - 8:30pm

Tucked away on Craig Road lies the retro-inspired Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe, conjuring up nostalgia for kopitiam flavours of the past. The brainchild of Yang Ming Seafood founder Keith Kang, this cafe brings back classic OG Nanyang dishes.

Even from the outside, the vintage aesthetic is eye-catching, with retro signboards and promotional posters adorning the exterior. Stepping inside, customers are further transported back in time by the interior decor. As user @richylyq on Scratchbac noted, the interior looks "damn cool" and set the tone for a nostalgic dining experience.

Tantalizing Aromas

Seated at their tables, patrons inhale the tantalizing aromas of sizzling dishes being prepared. The scents of speciality fried chicken, buttery toasted bread, and rich curry drift from the bustling kitchen. As user @jeajeajea described it: "The rice with fried chicken leg thing and their chicken cutlet is great! Not too oily."

Looking through the menu, customers are indecisive with the many comforting signature dishes. Must-try items include the Hainanese Chicken Chop, with its perfectly fried chicken cutlet that user @bbjiaksmi described as "well fried" in a crisp batter reminiscent of old-school chicken wings.

The Nasi Lemak is another go-to, featuring fragrant coconut rice that user @jerryneo said paired beautifully with the aromatic spiced chicken. Patrons can also find local delights like Assam Laksa, with user @mjoycel relishing every spoonful of the bold, complex dish.

Indulgent Classics

Beyond main dishes, Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe delights those with a sweet tooth too. They can treat themselves to creative takes on toast like the Peanut Butter French Toast, which user @x3rai unexpectedly raved was "super good" despite lacking an appetite initially.

The cubes of fluffy French toast drenched in maple syrup make for a perfect sweet ending. Another nostalgic treat is their Traditional Kaya Butter Toast, featuring generous slabs of cold butter and homemade kaya jam that transport diners back to childhood breakfasts.

For an afternoon pick-me-up, customers can order traditional coffee or tea paired with slices of moist butter cake. User @gerlehdees also highlighted the unique Egg Ham Cheese Toast, describing it as "surprisingly filling" with creamy egg and crunchy toast.

A Taste of the Past

From start to finish, the dining experience transports customers down memory lane. The vintage decor, aromatic dishes, and warm hospitality give diners a sense of community and nostalgia. Overall, the cafe offers a tantalizing escape from the modern day. The tastes, smells, and vibe nourish both body and soul with a sense of childhood joy. Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the flavours and vibes at Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe!

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User Reviews:

  1. User @jeajeajea, “Listened to SB peeps recommendations and had lunch at Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe & Yums!!!! The rice with fried chicken leg thing and their chicken cutlet is great! Not too oily. Their toasts were nice and crispy too

  2. User @bbjiaksmi, “Come explore old school Nanyang flavours with me at Greater Nanyang Heritage Cafe! Their Hainanese Chicken Chop is my favourite dish esp its butter sauce! Cutlet was well fried too, the batter reminded me of the old school chicken wings!"

  3. User @mjoycel, “Notice this new store, Great Nanyang and was drawn to go with its decor in front and inside. Tried their assam laksa as it looks good and it didn’t disappoint us. We enjoy till our last scoop of the soup. #sbinchinatown

  4. User @jerryneo, “Here from @bbjiaksimi ‘s post. Shared a table with Mr. Chong and his wife who stays around the corner. He is a private chef and owns a career dev practice. Really enjoy hearing about rando people’s stories. Anws, the nasi lemak G, fragrant rice and the spice in the chicken makes it so aromatic.

  5. User @x3rai, “I got dragged to try out Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe for breakfast even though I wasn’t hungry. So I opted for something light: butter sugar toast, teh o peng and peanut butter french toasts. Honestly the food was super good. Even though I was full, I finished everything up haha. Will come again!

  6. User @gerlehdees, “Brunch at the newly opened Great Nanyang Cafe! Ordered the Egg Ham Cheese Toast thing (I forgot the actual name heh), wah it was surprisingly filling 🤯 Creamy egg & crunchy toast! 😋 Somehow tastes very western & Chinese at the same time… 😂 Ordered the no sugar teh c & it was mid. Affordable tho 👍🏻



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